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Anyone got a pic of him running the 51 on green

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Jeffro I don't have a problem with most of your posts but FFS look at it a different way, maybe RV was playing mental games witg GP regulars - saying 'this is what I have for tomorrow (and maybe a wee bit more) catch me if you can' And am with you on ... more »

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Sorry but the '9' or '100' are not serious contenders, they might get close to a moto win if there lucky but that's it

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Has done for years, IMO way too close in - christ there is a whole race track and MORE THAN ONE RIDER ON IT, think its more of a euro arty farty thing, its why I prefer AMA camera positions

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The previous pic was heartbreaking to see but this is so much better, hope you all pull through, hey little guys are tough and am sure this will just make him stronger!!!

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Strong wishes to you and little man, fingers crossed for all you family

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From an unbiased Euro - dont worry am sure RV will be fine, both he and AC222 and going to have good days and better days (than the rest of the field).

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Just a bit jealous!! Not been on bike for over 3 months due to work / weather but it's looking good for weekend coming, def gonna suffer but like already been said its a 'good suffering'

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This could turn out to be a good move fro both Gaultier & Honda as both looking to step up. In response to question - why not verybody can its a race

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Last year Chad ran into KR's back wheel so don't know how you can think it was a KR fault

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Have read all this and can't believe some of the crap posted BUT still no answer to original question ffs For what it's worth, after Thursday's accident I would love DW15 to get on the AB program to get back where he should be

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Christ lap times are short, never realised laps were that short

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Right not a fan of either but: Canard into Reed, ok can live with that as 'racing incident' Reed into Canard, ffs so he lightly touched him to let him know he was not happy but not his fault Canard fell over due to being off balance as only had 1 hand ... more »

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Would be good to know, surely if Baker is working with KTM he is one that they would ENSURE to work with him

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He & family did emigrate to Canada when he was around 6 - 7, no great word on him from an early age, cant really remember him at local track although he did go there and was maybe 2 years younger than my son but daughter should have been on track ... more »

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So are you saying he's never been to Scotland?

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Mm maybe just went quiet as all is not well just now

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And the new WADA rules that getting caught mean 4 year ban were brought in by GL as well??? As conspiracy theories go it's way out there

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Have not heard if he is on 'the aldon program' - if not why not?

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Cannot see anyone going on a streak, will all be down to how the few first rounds go and then we will see who will be at top, just hope injuries dont start hitting expected front runners