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Hope he heals up well and fast - love him or hate him we need him in the racing!! Me I like attitude from the racers compared to all the robots

Added reply in a thread DV 6/23/2020 10:14 AM

DV no f&cks given

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Only to US fans/ industry is SX more important. To us Euros we don’t ride SX so for us it’s outdoors, even AMA outdoors before SX for me. But for Eli to be a great he had to win the title. Like it or not I think SX is just something to watch over winter. ... more »

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Sexton Ferrandis Forkner Jett Lawrence McElrath

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Finally a decent amount of whoops👍

Added reply in a thread PC riders pushing DF out from track 3 times 6/15/2020 8:45 AM

What was wrong with passes last night? Would struggle to call them aggressive and I’m a big DF fan, love the attitude

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Thought Luke Clout was in for 2nd bike at Penrite?

Added reply in a thread Kenny has Shingles now? 6/13/2020 1:46 AM

If you add limegate into problems with his body going through the wringer, is this ‘just’ another issue he will need to overcome??

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Heard the comments from Ping & GL on whiskey throttle (MaxV ??) that Forkner needs advice but it’s hard getting through to him but someone needs to as DylanF is going to have an easy next couple of races if AF gets caught up with Hunter (no idea ... more »

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Was never a great fan of CW but this past couple of years he has turned me into one, the way he turned things around to win SX title was impressive. He is the one that gives no shits so think ET3 has to keep an eye out for him. The way this year has ... more »

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Rider can help too?? Some of them would be capable

Added reply in a thread My Girl has cancer....😢 5/24/2020 9:53 AM

Very sad to read, bastid word!!! Sending positive vibes to you both, please stay strong for her as she will need you even more soon.

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24MX still has some of their gear. Bought a set last year for getting back on bike but sadly not yet

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Like pics of strip downs when they also have the rebuild pics as always frown at the mess some bikes are in, scares me that people are riding with them in that mess

Added reply in a thread Ryan Hughes Podcast about Life Changing Events 5/19/2020 11:03 PM

When I was in high school we ‘had a place’ to go picking ‘mushies’ we 1/2 filled carrier bags. It’s is now a car park for school now, very sad

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Scary story, oh so glad for a happy ending

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Thought he was a paramedic with FD

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👍👍 Best feeling ever when kids that size eyes pop out with amazement that they REALLY have a bike Congrats as looks a good buy

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??? Missed it

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Had latest appt with surgeon today after orthroscopy. After more x-rays it turns out that I am putting too much pressure to inside of both knees, left ones is the worst - the gap that is meant to be there hardly exists. Due to covid-19 they are not allowed ... more »