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I cannot see him going to KTM as the manager for a lloonnnggggg time - that is a 450 team now used to continued success and no matter how good he was that is just a no no. This opportunity is a good one, if it cost him some cash so be it. Be interesting ... more »

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Congrats turned out really good

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I’ve got these in my van and they are priceless, no idea what they are but someone left a stainless pair in a van I bought years ago

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RV Townley battles in Nationals, not just one race and made the series unmissable

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What’s not too like ??? Really nice

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Best series since man vs moto. Looking forward to the rest. Would be amazing if he helped US win ISDE

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That is very, very nice. Glad you did not skimp on garage space👍

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Following this, do you have a finished design you want??

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Sorry don’t understand that, it looks like it was set up for everybody to fail, why have the last section on a hard slippy rock face. Organisers only looking for bikes to be wrecked. Pity as I like watching a proper hill climb and all the franken bikes ... more »

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That is a very good view of how GPaulin has been the last few years. I cannot see him winning a GP anytime soon never mind challenging for the title. He is fun to watch at times as he is not afraid to go for ‘the big jumps’ - quad at lommel, the leap ... more »

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Used to buy from there but no use JOOM due to no shippings costs. I always check prices on other sites as not everything from China is cheaper. Dont know about goggles but I did take a chance on grips and will never buy them again.

Added reply in a thread JUST ANOTHER 2016 KTM 250SXF CHASSIS KX500 ENGINE CONVERSION GONE MAD! 10/30/2019 11:26 AM

That is a very nice piece of art, can’t wait to see the finished pics

Added reply in a thread The video of my Red Pipe 2003 YZ250 build just dropped... 10/23/2019 11:23 PM

Ride video!!!

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I also use pet tooth brushes, buy the longer ones as their very handy

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Would like to see him stay in US and do 1st couple of SX rounds to see how he would do - anything from 15th up would be a very good result

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Bought and sold on FB, so far I have never had a problem. Bought my current m/bike from there and guy even delivered to my work, still follow him but no idea why

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Really??? I know they would have done things differently but look at the reaction of all the fans to team USA this year. This shows the effort was really appreciated.

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Ffs I do not understand all the doom & gloom. The conditions made it a lottery unless you were from NLD!!! So all the props that were given in build up counts for nothing now? You’re team went and gave it their all, prep was going good but that was ... more »

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Pish! Whether anybody likes it or not the winners need to have a slice of luck on their side: 1.Jason being landed on stopped USA from a very good potential win. 2. Calvin V rock to the eye stopped the Dutch last year. 3. Simpson’s chain in Latvia. The ... more »

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Really??? And how did he cost them anything? Oh yeah he went looking to take rock to the eye, you muppet