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I don’t understand why there was ever a decision to be made re fill in rider, Tickle has been testing the bike so why not just put him on it ???

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Jeez🤬🤬 at least break that into smaller paragraphs Otherwise 10/ 10 for effort ( here’s hoping Kenny gets the same at races )

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Proof that he has a sense of humour 😂😂🏴

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No idea if your bad history so can you fill in the blanks…..

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Fark!!! Tell her she’s getting messages worldwide in hope that she pulls through. That C is the worst word ever.

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I would have loved it if he had went ahead with his 'I wont race' and then Mercedes permanently replaced him. Fimgers crossed Russell hangs onto 3rd of if LaDeuce has a problem.

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To me this is just him being a prima dona, WTF was he like with 3 watches? Why? Totto needs to sit him down and explain he is only 1 part of a TEAM, they all need each other to be successful, when I see him strutting about the paddock looking fek knows ... more »

Started new thread So Deano has been busy… 5/15/2022 3:47 AM

Congrats to him & Sarah - just posted a little guy on the way, some good news after his shitty injury

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The size of the ‘extra’ hole is f$#!! scary. Was unsure on whether to watch but did but WILL NOT again

Added a comment about press release EMX Powertrain launches the XF30 5/11/2022 12:33 PM

So total price is 18,750 ($?, Euro?). Cost is not really shown prominently.

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Just hope he can ride as good next SX season, that would shut up some of the doubters from his championship. IMO should have won this year, really needs to think of the big picture.

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Never should, more like could if only he did not bang bars with Mookie/ Barcia. IMO this was where he lost championship

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For Chisholm it was the team that NEEDED a rider in 250 class, are you against a privateer getting the opportunity to ride arguably the fastest bike AND get paid?? Freise was the teams decision to run in 250 class, the thing I don’t get is he’s running ... more »

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So Audi & Porsche entering F1, good thing or bad?? Here’s hoping for more challengers for the title

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Any idea what these are and what damage they do?

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Also add the other countries roundabout India then add Africa, Australia & New Zealand. It truly is THE massive world wide sport. Me I just don’t get it and cannot watch it.

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First I know he is on a factory team, but was he not signed as the 2nd rider (assuming Ken was good to go)?? If so surely team would need to be realistic and give him time to grow and learn 450 class? I never get the hurry to push riders into 450 class ... more »

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This is a tough guess, cant pick between them. Cannot see either of them racing without being properly race ready. Can see Tony just edging it purely because he was racing the most recently. One thing is for sure it’s going to be great for us fans with ... more »

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Long may Russell finish in front of him🙏

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Whenever I think about Mike all I see is after his crash over a blind su Not following a holeshot (of course) then Christ knows how many bikes ran over him. That is the worst I have ever seen, way worse that when RV broke his legs in SX. To think he ... more »