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Really glad to hear your on the way back. Sending good wishes to your wife too.

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Is this going to be another team running their effort or total withdrawal???

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As the sprint race already pays with points they could go with lap times to decide grid. Just another idea that could shake things up a bit

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About 2:50 Jo30 passing on the outside

Never seen any of these raw before, gives a better perspective of just how fast they go.
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So if the top pros can’t jump it does it need a name change???

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Thought they moved corner/ leap shortening track to build a grandstand a couple of years ago??

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So what if Roczen & Herlings we’re pro at 15, look at them now Roczen with 2 (3?) years recovering, Herlings has had a crap couple of years too so IMO no rush

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Ffs I don’t know what the big hurry with his recovery is?? He’s still a kid and will hopefully have a long career.

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Love it, looking forward to more pics as the build goes on

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So how can he recover from this - rest or just keep going until condition improves????

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Subsctibed, will keep an eye on your seults - was glad when you made your 1st main.

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Lovely looking bikes👍

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This, the bikes are totally different. Anyone can see the GP spec KTM is something special (and has been for years) but the AMA bikes are behind Yamaha by quite a bit

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Have been playing since it came out but it’s getting deleted. Seems like too much of a cash cow, need to buy way too much. IMO it should be easier to earn ‘ credit’ in early rounds as you make your way up. Pity was looking forward to this

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Like the sound of Hewitt coming back with 250 team, would also hope for 1 450 rider - Jason given their history👍

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Didnt he win 125cc overall at Southwick on Suzuki just after his brother died?? Going back a few years tho

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What if he knows how to land at a crash?? Used to play soccer with a guy that was into judo and whenever tackled hard he just could ‘roll’ and be back on his feet instantly to everyone’s surprise

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A realistic finish would be between 10 - 15, higher if he has a good day. And I am a Max fan, love his interviews as he comes across as enthusiastic