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I'm sorry but sexton straight up pushed Webb off mid scrub. Why did sexton scrub in that direction and why was he drifting so far to the outside in the first place when the line is clearly taken. Sexton did everything wrong and Webb did nothing incorrect. ... more »

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Actually j mart does suck indoors, Daytona on the 450 he did good but that is more of a MX track

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I feel like shimoda will evolve into an Asian dungey.

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Best tracks ever

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RC4 has like 10 TITLES. Jett has 0 yet. I'm sure Jett will end up being a superstar with many championships. But not right this second.

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Factory Yamaha was known to neglect their riders needs. Star Yamaha is known for doing any and everything they candy do to win. That's the difference.

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Oregon and Washington have the best soil, but many restrictions. My advice would be to buy some land in a heavily vegetated part of Oregon or Washington. And let the dirt bike XP Rain down upon thee. Woogabooga

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Think Webb was about to take a nap till roczen started whining about everything, and the the fire was lit.

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Absolutely, Kenny takes '21 outdoor title so long as he keeps it calm cool and collected, needs more cardio.