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Yea I get that, but don't try and put on a half show and sell it as the whole show. I went to Nitro Circus a few years ago and just as we arrived and got to our seats a light drizzle of rain started. We sat for about an hour with the MC occasionally ... more »

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So you have people on a public track doing motos, and then these clowns coming out of left field to perform their circus act (0:24)? That's a no for me.

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HoW cAn It Be A wOrLd ChAmPiOnShIp AnD nOt EvEn LeAvE aMeRiCa

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Actually I think you might be right. I can picture it in my head now, Jeff mashing on his keyboard in all caps things like: "THERE'S A DRUG RING INSIDE OF MX SPORTS!" and "THAT GUY'S GOING DOWN!" and "THERE'S SERIOUS SHIT GOING ON WITH THOSE GUYS"

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It's hard to tell how close he actually is, but I'd say too close. That would not have been pretty... View this post on Instagram Too much pepper ⚔️ this one spooked me A post shared by Slay(@axellhodges) on Jun 1, 2019 at 12:35pm PDT

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Come on, this isn't rocket appliances we're dealing with here.

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Well you guys have sold me. I've been on the fence for a while. I tried one last summer and loved it. I've got my eyes on a clean looking 08 SXR 800. Anything in particular I should look out for? I would be strictly lake riding.

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Confirmed: This guy will be taking a nap later. Maybe order some pizza. Doesn’t really matter.

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This is gunna be good....

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I didn't make it past the first sentence.... "HONDA HAS OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED THE COMPLETELY NEW CR500" on one of the sports most read online news sites: sounds more like a red neck dating site to me.

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The pinnacle of Ronnie's career was when he air-wheelied across the finish in front of Dungey in the LCQ.

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I've been wearing them for years. I used the shock doctor ones for a long time, but just recently got tipped off to this bad boy and I like it 10x better. It is a lot more low profile, but still feels like it has great protection. Doesn't bother me one bit. ... more »

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Hi, GTFO. Sincerely, shiftmx_22 Esq.

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Ricky is that you?

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edit: sorry, to clarify - the 22's are rounds that they were not in the main. This is the best way that I could find to show it with my limited knowledge of Excel.
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It made me chuckle when Coop on the podium was being congratulated for being crowned the triple crown champion and said something about "yea I didn't know about the triple crown thing, so uh yea, it was great!". Something obviously isn't working if the ... more »

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Sounds to me like Heiko made relations with CBM’s wife...

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This. Take a look at Deano's track position on takeoff vs. on the landing. I'm a huge Deano fan. Like someone else said, looks like two professionals racing hard to me...

... more »