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Just tried to listen. cant get past 5 min. its a joke. I live for this sport but i cant handle this guy trying to commentate on my beloved sx.

Reply to 250- no new talent 2/4/2021 7:24 AM

plus seth hamekker will be a star, you read it hear first

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Reply to Gypsy Tales - Clown show 1/31/2021 7:04 PM

Im sick of opening a thread in this forum to just read something so stupid and pointless, every second post is just shit. i come on here to get information on the sport i love, not some dickheads opinion on something that doesnt even matter. Gypsy tales ... more »

Reply to Arlington Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 2/22/2020 6:21 PM

hill needs a run up front, he's flying

Reply to Arlington Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 2/22/2020 6:05 PM

great race, lovin the hip jump

Reply to Enough 2/1/2020 9:21 PM

to many missing brain cells in the stands. you gotta understand.. these guys are putting their lives on the line to race. shit happens but they all want to win. when the crowd booed I got mad because I was cheering on a great super cross race the hole ... more »

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do you build the tracks?

Reply to AMart Holeshots again! 2/1/2020 9:14 PM

I was always under power (fully stock bike) but had a great technique. hole shot every moto. not even a starting device. Just gate prep, clutch and throttle control. but the biggest thing was knowing every time I lined up I was going to be first to the ... more »

Reply to What's so wrong with SX? 10/12/2018 11:12 PM

you do have a point here

Reply to Barcia doing a Barcia 8/17/2018 2:45 AM

19 will be a good year.

Reply to Handlebar experts 8/17/2018 2:38 AM

yeah doddy said it. Im a handlebar nerd. I rocked tag 1008's rolled right back and it eliminated my arm pump problems if that helps. I loved the Ktm stock bend around the year 2005-2006. That was a factory Suzuki bend at pro taper at that time.

Reply to Barcia doing a Barcia 8/15/2018 6:05 AM

This thread is stupid, nobody knows whats going on behind closed doors or what will happen in the future, its all pure bullshit and speculation. lets just sit back and watch how it unfolds with no judgment. We all love this sport, thats why we are on ... more »

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just twists it harder

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Sometimes when I'm drunk, I like to get on vital mx, and argue, pointless arguments, with people I never met.

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after this many years of reedy being the legend he will always be, you make this post?

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really guys..... Picking at the commentary....

Reply to My favorite conspiracy 3/31/2018 6:44 PM

god I love vital

Reply to “Next big thing” riders 3/30/2018 6:53 PM

seth hammiker (not sure how to spell it) but thats defiantly a kid ill watch closely.