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I would like to thankyou.

I became a real fan of motorcross after watching you in 1986. Back then, My friends and I would rent the race videos and watch them over and over. There were a lot of great riders but you were the best. My friends and I rode in the local sand pits and did some racing but we never took protection seriously. We rode with no gear at all (sometimes with no shirts and in sneakers) until your crash. When we read about your injuries, we all had the same thought - if this can happen to the smoothest, most talented rider on the planet - it can happen to us. We all started to wear every protective item that was available. I was thankful for this change on more than one occasion. Every time I got (or still get) into a crash and my gear saves me, I think of you and why I started to wear protective gear. Now that I am a father, I ride a lot safer and even slower than before. I will purchase one of these neck braces for myself and if my son ever decides to ride when he gets old enough - he will wear one also.

I also still ride Hondas because that was your brand.

Hats off to Kevin Windham for wearing a neckbrace and hopefully more riders will follow.

The riders that are in the spotlight can have a lasting impact on their fans.

Thanks again for everything

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