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Great Point CamP!! Alex would have those JGR frams very nice looking last year!

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72 is way before my time, so thats why i was asking the past 10years.

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Where have they been? Anybody has any pictures of the new bikes, videos or something! I would like to see how the 2010 bikes are looking.

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What has been the best bike of the past decade?!! I say the 2008 crf450

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my local shops dnt even have 2010 bikes on the showroom floor yet. They are still trying to get the 09's out!

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Hey whats up. That is a Nice KX125. How does it ride?!!

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Thanks a lot GuyB!!!! Congrats to all the winners!! Happy New Year.

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Are the shows going to be on itunes?

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Matthes you gotta do a part 2. That was a good one. Thankss

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like nike said...Just Do IT!!! That would be cool!! Good luck and keep us posted if you do.