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New thread Endurocross Finale 11/9/2018 11:51 AM

The endurocross title fight between Colton Haaker and Cody Webb comes to an end in Nampa, Idaho. Finally finished my edit after work and personal issues got in the way. Bummed the season is over but I got some great shots and tried out a new camera setup ... more »

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New thread Everett Endurocross 10/29/2018 6:22 PM

Haaker and Webb have really been going at it this year, and Everett was no exception! I was geared up to compete in the series after placing third in the amateur championship last year, but I tore my ACL two weeks before the season started. I missed ... more »

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New thread Extreme Enduro Bike Build 3/28/2018 8:51 PM

With the booming popularity of this discipline, I decided to document the process of taking a brand new bike off the showroom floor and preparing it for an extreme enduro.

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New thread RevLimiter Extreme Enduro 1/15/2018 8:15 PM

The Kenda RevLimiter Extreme Enduro took place this past weekend in Decatur, TX at Rocky Ridge Ranch. Cody Webb, David Knight, Cory Graffunder, Jordan Ashburn, Mitch Carvolth, Wally Palmer, and many more top riders competed on some of the gnarliest terrain ... more »

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New thread Ontario Endurocross: From the Floor 11/19/2017 5:40 PM

That's a wrap for the 2017 Endurocross series! For the finale, I decided to do something different. I don't know where the 80s/VHS inspiration came from, I guess I was just feeling nostalgic. If you're not into it, skip ahead to 1:20 to get to raw main ... more »

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New thread WTB: PDS Trax Shock 11/6/2017 2:29 PM

This is a bit of a long shot, but I figured it’s worth a shot. I’m looking for a WP PDS Trax shock for the latest generation of XC-W/EXC. Email if you have one you’d like to sell or know someone who does. Thanks!

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New thread Boise Endurocross: From the Floor 11/5/2017 10:55 AM

The penultimate round of the 2017 Endurocross series featured the toughest track of the year, especially when you take the No Joke Lane into account. Cory Graffunder gives two stroke fans someone to cheer for. Wild Wally Palmer is up to his usual antics. ... more »

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New thread Phoenix Endurocross: From the Floor 10/29/2017 11:35 AM

With Colton Haaker out for the remainder of the endurocross season, other riders like Trystan Hart, Ty Tremaine, Kyle Redmond, and more are looking to take the next step to run with Cody Webb. Raw main event footage with no music starts at 1:03. ... more »

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New thread Everett Endurocross: From the Floor 10/16/2017 7:05 PM

Now that the Monster Cup talk has died down, check out some of the action from round four of the Endurocross series. The main event featuring raw footage and no music starts at 1:15. As for my race, I qualified for the Amateur A Main and finished 7th ... more »

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New thread Denver Endurocross: From the Floor 10/2/2017 5:40 PM

I managed to make the Amateur A Main this time around, but I still was able to capture the action of the pros. If you just want raw racing action with no music, the main event starts at 1:00. Here are the highlights from ... more »

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New thread Reno Endurocross: From the Floor 9/25/2017 4:01 PM

Though I had my plate full with racing all day, I managed to find time to put together this edit of the Reno Endurocross. Check out some of the awesome lines these guys put together as well as some epic battles! For those of you that just want the action ... more »

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New thread Vegas Endurocross (Webb VS Haaker) 8/20/2017 5:20 PM

You couldn't have asked for better racing at the return of Endurocross to Las Vegas. The new format including bracket racing made for a great showdown between Haaker and Webb after some heat race drama. I managed to qualify for the Amateur A main, but ... more »

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New thread The Tennessee Knockout 8/14/2017 6:25 AM

After a brutal day of racing on Saturday at the 2017 Kenda Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro, I parked my bike and picked up the camera for Sunday! Here are my highlights from the the toughest off-road race in America. Don't care for music in your race ... more »

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New thread Eric Peronnard and the Future of Endurocross 6/7/2017 8:17 PM

I had an incredible opportunity to interview Eric Peronnard, the creator of Endurocross and many other motocross events. He stopped by to tell us about the changes to the Endurocross series as well as some other things that he has been up to." ... more »

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New thread Almost like being a factory rider for a day... 12/3/2016 7:21 AM

KTM's Ride Orange Demo Days are the closest that any of us can probably get to being a factory rider. Nothing beats showing up to the track with nothing but your gear and having a whole range of 2017 bikes to test out. I made a quick little video of ... more »

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New thread I heard you guys like two strokes... 4/26/2015 6:09 PM

...So here is a "makeover" video of my precious 2013 KTM 250 SX. I'm heading to the Vegas Endurocross this coming week, so what better time to put on fresh vinyl than when it's most likely to get ruined?

Big thanks to Speed Graphics for bringing ... more »

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New thread It's been a good year...for the most part. 11/24/2014 9:02 PM

Here are some of my...*ahem*...less prideful moments of the year.

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New thread I beat Sean Hackley... 10/27/2014 7:33 PM the first turn this weekend. Not much to brag about apart from that. I pulled an Alessi afterwards and pumped up/went backwards. I race the TORN series, which is one of the regional off-road series in North Texas. Hackley showed up for some off-road ... more »

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New thread My Dallas Thoughts 2/15/2014 9:47 PM

I didn't make it out to the stadium until about an hour before the night show, but only because I was out getting some seat time beforehand. It didn't take long after seeing the track to find out this was a sketchy situation. The dirt looked even harder ... more »

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New thread Muddy Creek: From the Fence 6/5/2013 9:01 AM

My dad and I made the 16 hour trek to Muddy Creek, and it was completely worth it. Here's my video from the race.

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