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Is Matterly still happening , I read in the local paper it might not due to planning rules??

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Anyone remember Elsworth

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350 sxf is 58.5 inches ( when I looked it up, so should do 2 straight .. but I don't want to say definitely. Sorry I haven't put any bikes in the transit, got a Renault master for that,

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Ive got one, the rear is 6ft ( I got a 6 ft bench in it) Hope that helps

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Found this on gate drop Get well soon
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I would love to try one with a mid to late 80s cr 250 engine (I had one but can't remember the year, the engine was an absolute blast) with modern brakes, suspension and ergos .

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Looks fantastic! Why do people always do the 500 , why not 250 or even a 125?

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Did Max Anstie and Tommy Searle race that year also?

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How did he get on? I thought it might suit him

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Paulin done some supercross in 2010 ?

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How much is a standard one worth ? Still in the crate

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Pro grip for me too

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Is there a " Congrats Tim" thread or have I missed it somehow?

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Great, definitely on to something with this type of racing. This is definitely something the general public ( non moto fans) could get into, easy to follow, great for the sport. Well done Ben

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For me it's Prado He hasn't cracked under pressure at any point during his rookie year, he seems to accept when he goes back a few places ( which is rare) and he is the holeshot king with very very few mistakes. Herlings on the other hand ......... ................... ... more »

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I didn't get to turning it off , but still had a kippo. Malins commentary sends me off when nothing is happening but does the opposite when the racing is good. It's a shame, maybe we've been spoilt, the previous rounds have been really good up until ... more »