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Was that Anstie? Jking

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The rider's shouldn't worry, they won't miss out ,more of them will have a chance to follow his lines as the championship goes on

Reply to Prado wins! Then gets it taken away for jumping on a yellow flag. 9/27/2020 10:11 PM

I watched it twice on MXGPTV, it was very clear, from my armchair ( I can't comment from the bikes) I wondered why Malin went silent .

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Any rumours on a date / location 2021?

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He is a true legend to the sport, but history won't say the same , I see him doing a 150 gp wins at least but he will be lucky to get 6 titles the amount of time he spends broken. Such a shame for such a talented rider. Get well soon , sir Jeffrey.

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Congratulations indeed

Reply to Has the torch been passed to Prado? 9/9/2020 1:11 PM

A fully fit Prado is going to be a force to be reckoned with. But is still at struggling, he could hardly take a breath in his after race interview.

Reply to AC222’s legacy? 8/29/2020 12:44 AM One of my favourite ever races!

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Glad to see Max with the tire covers , i would be interested to know if he had them on to the start gate and if other teams follow suit when it's muddy?

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It is a shame how so many countries with a Motocross heritage one way or another have had there tracks shut down , usually by people moving next/ near to then complaining about the noise etc . Maybe land searches before property purchase should be more

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After the 2nd world war ? Mmmm Canada Heights in Sidcup , Kent ,UK got its name from the Canadian air force staying there during the 2nd world war and racing dirt bikes there. So I reckon the Canadians invented it? I think Motocross has been around since

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Working on my old DT125 for hours and days as a kid taught me patience and that solving problems has its rewards. Something my son doesn't seem to want know about, he'd rather watch his phone and call anything that doesn't work " piece of sh!t"

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This for me

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Bubba's last, my first, great day, thank you

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Loving that , we use to see them a fair bit in the UK but I can't remember seeing many for a while (saying that, its been a while since I've seen mini race) Do they still export?

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Who makes their pipes?