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The FIM actually banned them, thats why MNZ and MA did he same, they just don't enforce it in thier own professional championships, (SX, and MX) for some reason, the reason given is that the safety standard is voided by the go pro mount and the go pro ... more »

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i see that the latest update from his team says he is talking to his family, which is a good sign, but the full lock down is concerning for sure,

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Levi Sherwood rode in the early crusty live show on a 80 out here in NZ, the show is coming back to NZ this year, thought crusty demons where a brand of the past,

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if Tomac gets starts like he did last weekend, all bets are off, he was in the top 3 in both heat and main,

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their was talk of this happening before this as well, as Holden Special Vehicles convert these to RHD now, who knows what will happen, be sad to see supercars as a single make series with only strange looking mustangs,

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big news here as the iconic brand Holden is to be shuttered, pretty big news down here, GM is getting out of the RHD market completely by the sounds, this may effect supercars, as over half the field are holdens, not sure what will happen there, ... more »

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Sorry. I picked him for fantasy and ruin his night

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Yep and just about to start up adventure riding tours with the new tenere 700. The routes he has for these are next level cool With spots even kiwis don’t know exist

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Ben Townley still is called the drop bear by a number of Australians after he fell for it hook line and sinker when he was a kid over for the Aussie junior titles

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comparing his aussie results to Clout, i would say top 10's are possible, but i don't see podiums, maybe a top 5 on a good night, I see him being a bit better than Tanti and WIlson were tho, I presume he will have a pretty good bike tho,

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can he actually leave the UK after brexit tho?

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i always look at the hard foam inside as well as the outside for damage , take the liner out and if there is crushing and cracks in the paint , its replacement for me,

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Todays first round of the NZ MX Series, live and free from Balclutha near the bottom of the South Island,

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I would have thought he would have been high on the list

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125 is the way to go, every kid should ride a 125 before getting on a 250F and they are easier, and cheaper to maintain than a 250f, you will learn way more riding one than a 250F,

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with friends like that, who need enemy's

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avocado's are big around where i live here in NZ, and stealing of them is huge as well, its always cool to see hard work pay off,

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also, Dylan closed the corner down alot, not giving Jett the chance to clean him out,

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cut out the type of pass on craig obviously, but he goes from the back to the front while near every other contender crashes out, hes got this title down with out dumb ass mistakes, or at least not getting as crappy starts,

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with rides like that your right, he will get another championship,