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results are correct above, Cooper rides for the distributor backed Suzuki team over here, last year he also raced outdoors for the Suzuki Australia team,

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the 05 KX250 is much better than the ones before, had the twin chamber fork and the new motor, i think the 04 RM250 and later had the showa fork and were much better, but as above the 05 got motor improvements,

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i think 2000 on Fresh Dirt, on Motonews for most of the Naughts, and been here for about 3 years

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did not seem unlikely when he smoked them both at Glen Helen, will be awesome to see him racing back in europe

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Musquin will be a contender outdoors for sure, but i can not see Alessi or Short being in the hunt for a title,

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i get to watch my first live moto gp at phillip island next weekend, should be an awesome trip

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anyone hear any super x results from last night? edit - prob not since the 1st round is next weekend,

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Townley was top 10 in overall points in 2007, that is where he earned his career NUmber, Just like Rattray, Wilson, Chisholm and Brayton did this year,

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I think the only international racing the whole series is Alessi, BT is only doing the NZ rounds, and Super X has not told any other kiwi's if they can enter or not for the local rounds,

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i think he would need to do a least a season in the Fuzitsu series, and maybe pick up a ride in the enduro's next year, esp with the new driver rules not allowing series drivers to race with each other, and for those that ask, Vodafone is a Cell Phone ... more »

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the factory 250f team has been run seperate for a while, Factory Suzuki in Euorpe is Gobears (sp?) team which is Desalle and Ramon

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i seriously reccomend you go to a MXoN in Europe, it is an amazing time, i went to Ernee in 05, and it was not like any race i have ever been to

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i am pretty sure he was talking about wining the moto, not the take out, creative editing, i think the back angle that came out last week shows it better, i clearly see him square the corner up, get the pass half completed and take the track because ... more »

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"he didn't hit you, he rubbed you, and rubbin is racing"

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Pennywise is unreal live, i have managed to catch them twice down here when they have played, once on new years eve in a little beach town, wicked band live for sure

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it used to be your national federation liceinse that was used to prove which country you rode for, but it was abused a bit so they changed it to being you show your passport, Dean must have dual passports to be able to ride for both canada and GB

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feel for you dude, i had my truck broken into saturday night and my brand new ridden once RM125 stolen, they did a heap of damage to teh ignition barrell trying to take the vehicle as well

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send me an email and i can sort it out, there is two main island, called north and south, most of the racing is in the north, but its a bit complicated to explain on here

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hey dude, i am pretty involved in Moto here, our main season runs from Late October through to march, with racing all over both main islands, if you are coming down give me a yell and i will be able to hook you up with some people wherever you are based, ... more »

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look dumbass, get a fucken map, BT is from New Zealand (middle of the pacific Ocean, southern Hemisphere. 22 hours flight from Europe, and he races in the USA, how the fuck is he a european????