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after not making it out of the C main on his qualifing night, Deegan started in one of the I mains in tonights finals night, , transfered into the on of the H main and finished 9th, only the top 4 kept going,

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this is off legacy, it is still one of my favourite movies, i love the last scene when they show the new young guys, RC and Windom standing at the entrance to a stadium, i would love to see a 10 year later version

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this is shit, they call themsleves a world championship but they have just dropped the rest of the world from hearing the race live, this sucks,

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completely different sort of racing, and a hell of a lot more closer between the teams at any oval, Deegan has skills in a car no doubt, but as seen at the prelude to the dream were pastrana and Ricky got waxed by the guys with dirt oval track knowledge, ... more »

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guess no one has heard how hard the Chili Bowl is, nothing really compares to it in Motocross, every top driver from most dirt series and pavement series is there, as said above, if he makes it to a D Main i will be impressed, the race is awesome and ... more »

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i agree, and not the biggest track to give anyone any room on either, and since the qualifying is so brutal if he draws a good grid in the heats it will get very interesting,

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thats a big race to be your debut in a midget, its really the biggest midget race in teh world, couple of kiwi;s went up last year in a kawasaki v8 car that turned a few heads, getting both cars into the a main, be interesting to see what happens,

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its the nz cricket team, they always find a way now what i really want to know is how you can get white washed in bangladesh and ever show your face in public again,

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or get 75% of the english team out in either test (at least you guys have not lost 11 one dayers in a row)

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from Yeah Jake Moss here - I just love the way people get on here and say stuff that they have no idea about. THE TRUTH IS - Josh and me had a disagreemnet - then Josh sucker punched me and the bouncers came and broke it up.

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i remember that my old man always cliamed he was faster than me on cross country tracks, he had given up on mx tracks when i was about 13, well when i was 16 and able to ride the senior cross countrys i lapped him in the 1st two hour race we did together, ... more »

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Suzuki still sells 2 strokes down this end of the world, they are brand new 08 models, have not changed even the model code but still keep making them new, i just got my new RM125 this week, get to run it in on sunday,

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if Mike is planning on racing the US series he needs some serious testing, he has been seriously off the pace down here, at Auckland he looked woeful in the whoops, and was not doing any of the bigger rythem sections the top 5-7 guys were,

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i can see some of the ama officals points here, it is a national title, there is a bit more at stake, does the bike with all the mods meet all the rules? is there a max width it is over? i can see the point with the starts as well, does he need outside ... more »

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try the non surgery way first, if it continues to dislocate then you need surgery, i dislocated my shoulder 12 times before the 1st surgery, and then when i ripped the repair off the bone it started popping again, the second operation has fixed it for ... more »

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he won a SX lites title over Dungey, he has done something like 8 US Supercrosses (all in 07), had two mechanical DNF's and 3 or 4 wins and a lites title, pretty handy around a supercross track when he gets to a race

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yes you can, the XS S and M is the same shell, and the L XL and XXL are the same liner, i changed one for a customer last week

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after coming off a 1-day series loss to Bangladesh i am not mentioning them

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i nearly fell over when i saw we one last weekend too, i was bar hopping around auckland after super x and saw the last 5 minutes, we get Bundy here, not my favourite but a few of my friends live on it

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and Kiwi league teams in important finals, and all blacks, but we on this side of the tasman like booze a bit to much as well