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Was the new wrist pin and bearing snug when test fit to the rod? I have seen some manufacturers change inner & outer diameters of writs pins & bearings throughout some model years, mostly Suzuki RM125”s but worth a check

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red loc tite for sure! Had this happen on one of my bikes, not a YZ but results the same.

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I could be the best thing that happens for Unadilla rewind... more 80” & 90”s bikes on the track.....

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The 90 stock pipe was actually a very good performing pipe, if you still have the stock

pipe you can do this with it... I have read that O”Mara & Ward would often run the stock pipe In 90.
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Looks like the plating is worn off around the exhaust port. As CarlinoJoe stated, what is your end game? If you want to do it right, strip the cylinder & send it out to a reputable plating company & have them match a new piston while they do ... more »

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Looks like frame is cracked in photo of underside of steer tube....

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I have this for sale...

... more »
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That’s a rare bird

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I have a good original cylinder, crank, head that is cut, FmF silencer. Parts for these bikes are plentiful...

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If you decide to part it out, I will take the spoke wraps & radiator grilles..👍

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Seems like an opportunity for a new promoter group to start a new series....why does it have to piggyback the Nationals? Maybe it can even have a format where amateurs race Friday & Saturday then Pro 125 nationals on Sunday

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Welcome back! Look forward to seeing you finish her up....I plan on racing my 82 at Unadilla rewind In 2020...

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Just did a quick search on eBay...a few sellers are listing the PJ1 as the old color but it is in fact the new color. Appears Color- Rite code 617 is still available....I will order a can to see if it matches ...I at least want to refinish the subframe. ... more »

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Can Evo-Mx sell the Honda graphics again?

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I think the ad stated he painted the plastic tank and “ surprise ” the paint is cracking....the 81”s are rare but this one appeared to not receive the quality restoration it would have deserved.

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I can only find the newer KX green from PJ1, maybe I keep looking, I would really like to touch the frame up....

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Nice work...the stock pipes on these bikes performed very good, often better than aftermarket pipes. You will have to get creative mounting that DLS front brake to an 88 front end, as the 88 was disc brake, but I have seen brackets made to accept the ... more »

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What does Pro Action say about the piston? squish set at?

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I received 20$ a few weeks ago...of course I had to use it....RMC is awesome...

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Very nice👍