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Do PEDs cause elevated levels of estrogen?

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"welcome to Earth Jeffro"

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I thought this was going to be about intestinal discomfort.

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I refuse to participate in Black Friday/Cyber Monday, another glaring example of the fuckery of society...

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I had beef hamburgers last night for dinner, so tasty brah

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Kinda has a Cahuilla Creek feel to it

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Kalisch heard Jeffro needs some spode competition so he's supposed to be making a comeback soon

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Hey Jeffro, you should post more, we love hearing how great your life is

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Whats with these cheerleader threads

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Almost 10 years in Point Loma and been living in Poway the last couple years.

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It's saturated with intolerant Liberals. Not a place to be unless you want to subject yourself to the toxic strains of Progressive ideologies

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San Diego is fuckin trout. Whatever plans you have moving here should be reversed immediately.

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Funny how this track pops up every now and again on the message boards. Most of the inquiring minds want to know about it but wouldn't last one lap

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I would not ride with you because you used the word "socal" #nowayBRO

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I like the attitude. Bobby on the other hand probably punched his computer when he saw my post lol

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I was a friends house for a social gathering. I used to my pocket knife to open something and this friend of a firend pseudo elitist Liberal that was at the party with a straight (more like concerned) face asked me "why do you have that thing?" I said ... more ยป

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Do you think they'll want to secede after this?