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2017 CR450F 75hs - broken rear shock at 20hrs - broken gearbox at 40hrs - changed piston kit at 40hrs - broken gearbox at 75hrs

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2019 YZ450F 75hs everything stock - changed cam chain at 45hrs - motor oil and filter every 6hrs (Castrol synthetic) - suspension oil every 25hrs Planning to run stock top end until 90hrs B class

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Awesome ride I really enjoy watching Barcia when he’s ON. And stopping to congratulate Tomac after the checkered flag was a big plus

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awesome ! only once gave it all in 5th gear and it's nuts. respect!

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Oh yes, i’ve noticed they backed away from Moto. That’s a shame. Since I really like them, I made a big purchase of replacements just to have for a long time. Lenses with good care and always with tear offs on lasts lots of rides. And there are alternative ... more »

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I love Suzuki’s They are beautiful, and those who rode one of them can’t complain about anything unless you are FAST dude Here we say, translated, “it’s the indian, not the arrow”

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Best bang for your buck , Dragon Vendetta. CHEAP, fits great, replacements are cheap too. I have a lot of goggles , both high and low end, but Dragon works all around best for me.

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DID ERT3 for ever

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thank you very much for your response Ping! I understand what you mean, I'm like a intermediate/fast local, with 5hrs interval services (good oil/filter) and clean air filter always. I think I represent the average user

just looking to hear ... more »
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increíble !

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Hi Ping! Since you are on the tracks a lot and you can get valuable real info. Do you know how much hours are amateur putting on stock top ends on 2019 YZ450F's? how much reliable are this machines? Thanks from Argentina!

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Any alternative link to share to view from third world country? Thanks!

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MAXXIS M7307 Tried all

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Wow! Those were beautiful bikes. I really enjoy the comments about specific parts. Thanks for sharing. How do you get those special parts? Just curious Keep it up!

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Great post! Love to see what privateers are running / wearing, how they prep their bikes. The true shootout. Thanks for sharing!

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... more »
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I was a Honda guy, until I rode the new YZ450 Coming from a 2017 CRF450 (75 hours) with lot of problems (two gearbox, one shock, one hub, all threads of screws disappear) and a lot of work to make it rideable (most on chasis/suspension), I had the chance ... more »

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SG12 lasted like 100hrs. I changed them because they were flexing too much Now riding on TCX i highly reccommed them, they feel light and are very comfortable. I don’t know how long they will last, but you can buy two pairs for the $ame money of one

... more »
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I have a Fox Gear bag that I think should work fine for that, very simple but huge and with wheels It’s old, but it might be a newer model with similar characteristics Its a Fox 180 shuttle ... more »

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Hi Ping! I really enjoy your writings, thanks for shraing. Particularly in the case of Rich, if I can give him and advice to feel better, is to dedicate at least one hour of the day and go to the gym to improve the strenght. Muscles is what support our bones and moves us around. I consider is the first step to start feeling better.

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