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Same thing happened to me in a 2017 The quality of the materials in last gen CRF’s is far from what i would expect of Honda I already cut 3 bolts using a torque wrench

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Thanks barnett, that was a good and interesting post. Group III, IV, and V are a whole new world for me. Gonna start reading what type are the oils i’ve been using.

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I shoot a mail to Hinson to ask about it, and this is the response: "Yes we recommend a peroleum based oil it works better for a wet clutch than the synthetics. We recommend changing every 3 hours or before. The synthetic oil is a little to lubricating ... more »

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It's a 4 stroke.

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Just reading the instructions to install a full Hinson in my bike, and they suggest to use petroleum based oil and change it after every ride. I was convinced that synthetic based oil was the best for our bikes. Any funded opinion on this? Thanks !

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No creo que una 250 tenga mucha ventaja en mantenimiento respecto a una 450. La falta de potencia paga con mayor desgaste seguramente. Filtro de aire limpio en cada salida Aceite de motor bueno y fresco Suspensión sufre menos que la tierra, revisa mas ... more »

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wow! awesome pictures. #2 and #3. how they did that??

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing that thing of a beauty. Please make a video when you start it, must sound nice as it looks

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Awesome build!! Turned out great. Let her sing and upload a video Congrats and enjoy

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Awesome Milko What happened to Van Bereven?

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it's a shame that the company, Radikal Racing, that actually made those kits is hardly mentioned

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style x1000 those riders I enjoy to see him ride a dirt bike

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AWESOME! Big props to both of you. This photo says a lot, all that factory machines near a boy looking for his first national point! it's great!!

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Cool build! Keep it up

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been using only dish soap for years. never had a particle inside the cage. dish soap + hot water.

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Does anybody knows who can build good custom exhausts? I'm looking to put on my 2017 CRF450 an exhaust designed for what I'm looking for.

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I had exact the same problem with BTO the week before. Ordered several items with 3 day delivery, and result that I had to wait until they ship from their other warehouses to put the order together. Had to cancel it and ended up buying in another site.... ... more »

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haha that was a good save after all

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... more »
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Really like this section. Thanks

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