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Run like hell I used to work there when I was @ mmi . We would know what needed to be fixed an they would them something. Different. Got tired of the bs and quit/fired when I told 5 customers what was really wrong. jobs that should have been logged @$250-350. ... more »

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I have a ton of pictures of that truck at home it was on display during speed week at Daytona the year dale Sr. Died. I'll post them when I get home from riding tomorrow.

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450 1. Dunge 2.roczen Anderson 250 Forkner Plessinger Davalos

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From the one time I got to talk to him when he was with factory yamaha. He wants to build himself up is what I got. Lot of injuries over the years especially the big one. It makes you approach things differently. I believe he's taking his time getting ... more »

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Some people just can't hit the broad side of a barn. Watching a video of a guy trying to shoot a cop in his car. Virtually point blank Unloaded the whole clip and only grazed his shoulder.

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some Rm's not all have clutches why idk that just will not take any abuse I had two identical 05 Rm 125 and 250 ' s one of each I couldn't keep a clutch in for long the others lasted. Hinson wiseco or rekluse are always a good idea on them.

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Throw them in a bag Piece by piece soaked in oil the night before and toss them in the next day whenever I get around to it. Never failed me except for my stock rm clutches I smoked those no matter what I did.

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Actually motogrady is spot on. I work with alot of insurance companies for home restoration and i see this all the time. They will do and say anything to maximize gains and minimize loss. I have a very close friend of the family who is quite high up ... more »

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Call Phil at crank works in arizona great guy and they make some bullet proof con rods he may have one for you.

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246 million first weekend.

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Even longer than that. I remember you guys from early 2000 ' s I remember how but hurt some people would get because we had the OG board that only some of us could post in. Funny times.

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Ok so can someone tell me they honestly can't see MM hit rossi in the leg making contact first not rossi sliding into him or rossi *kicking* him?

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I still stand by the hard fact of the videos. Rossi ran him wide and gave him his choice gas or brake it's clear as day MM chose to dip a shoulder and gas it. MM made contact not rossi no mater if he stared at him waved at him it does not matter the ... more »

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And that's the thing Luckly for MM he is still in one piece cause he always chooses let's throw it in there and see what happens. Great to watch when it works scary when it doesn't. Hey ask Pedrosa how he feels about that tactic he's been on the receiving ... more »

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I honestly can not seem to wrap my head around how people think this is a take out. Rossi ran him wide knowing and seeing where MM was. MM had plenty of time and room to keep from hitting VR. you can see that at every angle very CLEARLY. When you watch ... more »

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My second post but so I'm putting my fire suit on. I've bench raced this topic with a lot of people over the last few years. It's seems like our amateur nationals is ruining the local racing. So many kids I know trying g to make LL and this is what seems ... more »

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One thing we did for our private track was video questionnaires. I or another family member would read them 5 pages of questions.We had a lawyer draw the questions up. For Example is like if our track is ungroomed you understand that there is a severely ... more »