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thats the bike that made me think of this and ive got my yz 490 with huge fins here is a pic of a kx 400 head

New thread Air cooling 2/2/2014 11:47 AM

now here is something ive thought about before and haven't quite figured it out. how come four stroke motors that are air cooled have much smaller fins versus a two stroke which doesn't run as hot.

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my 1984 YZ 490. Just plain fast enough to really pull me around the track and my only win came on that a year and a half ago. against two other yz 490s no less. now why I won we wont get into.

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as in African who is in America. which can put as African American not unlike Italian American or Serbian American

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probably more like a tractor pull and 100 feet

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im going to give the benefit of the doubt and say just a horrible drag bike attempt

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I prefer wintergreen to freshen up my day. ok that was lame

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me too, a two wheel drive with a 4.2 v6. guess what? it does anything I need it to. I don't understand why people are obsessed with putting the tailgate up. put a20 dollar rubber mat in the box and nothing will come out.

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scott 89's or whatever they use that frame on now

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my yz 490 has a four speed transmission and I love it.

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four stroke owners would say there is an uncompetitive advantage and its ridiculous for a smaller motor to compete against larger ones

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lol I would probably like since im so used to riding with bent bars.

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grant Langston with team Yamaha as well right?

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you guys should not be talking about murdering people........

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it sounds like somewhere is getting it right, I was just telling my wife how i've seen 125c gatesgo from full every time and split full gates quite a bit to c being about 20 riders at the most.

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I just want to say before this thread dies completely its been and entertaining AND an actual good discussion at the same.

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metzler mc4's are more soft terrain but they have held up great never going to the prepped tracks you guys get to

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id say the same thing but then I realize to be the best you have beat the best. these guys haven't beat me yet....

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im actually wearing answer baggy pants and ive liked it a lot better than I thought I would but then again my tree trunk legs are a different story