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Does this dude yardsale every race or some shit? Lol

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Well... Thats not exactly a big jump, more like a scrub hill... Bogle had about 100 yards to see Barcia moving over on him, so plenty of time to react. Besides, Barcia did most of his "crossing" when they were on the ground. Fair play, IMO

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nah bro, cant ride it. you just gotta wait

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fuck this sport sometimes

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nah, they dont. not sure where that rumor comes from, but none of my heavy video-game playing friends are any good at anything physical besides being nerds

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It stops the rider from being a pussy and using the rear brake. Keeps it locked out bruh

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Step 1) Be fast Step 2) Dont be slow Step 3) ???

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Mtb without kneepads 2 surgeries... One to clean it up then another to pull out a piece of bone. Nothing broken/torn but still hurts like a mother effer today
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A few brain cells

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Title says it all

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Maybe it was that thing thats on the side of his motor? Anybody know what that is?

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Kenny? The guy that had both of his arms almost ripped off? Yea his style sucks bro!

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How are you going to break the news to your boyfriend?

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Nah bro, they only put the rev limiter there cuz it sounds cool. Ur supposed to ride the bike in 5th gear at like 3000 rpm

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Excuse me sir, but there are no gear companies that discriminate based on race. How dare you suggest such a thing!

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JUSTIN COOPER U S T I N C O O P E R ps. Im not NyMotocross, I just think Cooper is the tits

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Does a bear shit in the woods?