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Reply to 1984 KX250, the restoration "befores" 5/7/2019 5:33 PM

Nice bike to restore. I have one as well to redo someday. The articles I found said the motor was a torquer. I have a dirtbike 250 shootout issue, and May 1984 Cycle test issue.

Reply to Zach Osborne setting Holeshot Device 5/7/2019 6:50 AM

When I saw that trick locking the holeshot, I hit the rewind too!

Reply to 79 Yamaha YZ250 Squish 5/7/2019 6:42 AM

I suggest making a impression with clay. The squish on some of the older big bore bikes I own is not only wide,,but also quite different inside to out .020"+. Some difference is desired,,my new 18 Husky 125 has .003 difference inside to out. Then call ... more »

Reply to 1987 kx125 5/6/2019 5:42 AM

If you don't race the KX,,putting the screen on back won't hurt. Racing it ,I'd expect less flow and overheating. Look up condensor comb on amazon,or from local a/c supply house.

Reply to 1980 RM125 Loss of power over time, help! 4/22/2019 7:04 AM

I have raced a 79 rm125&1980 YZ125 for a few seasons. Both pretty trick. The 79-80 RM125s where known for stator coils breaking down. Yz did same thing. Mine would run great for first 3-4 laps,, and then start popping and losing power on top end...Only ... more »

Reply to another yz100 issue, '82-'83 3/25/2019 8:39 AM

As noted above,,,sometimes when people force a bearing into case a small sliver of aluminum will shave off under bearing and prevent it from seating 100%. Also,,,,when I put a bottom end together,,,knowing that I built the crank and width was equal or ... more »

Reply to 19' 150 XCW, Engine building, pipes, hand guards etc! 3/18/2019 4:07 PM

I think you'll be pleased. Try 1 turn in on the power valve. I'd highly recommend a 5.5 or 5.75 slide if your using a Mikuni,,RK will probably know the 150s carb combination.,,and a Vito power jet added to carb. RK will tell you add main jet size,his ... more »

Reply to 19' 150 XCW, Engine building, pipes, hand guards etc! 3/16/2019 2:36 PM

I had Kelsey at rk tek make a head insert for my tc125. Made the power delivery smoother and easier to ride. I also have v-force cage,, buds racing pipe and his shorty silencer ,, and lastly Vito power jet on carb that eases tuning top end. I think I ... more »

Reply to 18’ 250sx carburetor options 3/12/2019 7:51 AM

Reply to 18’ 250sx carburetor options 3/12/2019 7:49 AM

I also have a 17 TC250,,,I added the long 304 silencer,,,different reeds,,and different jetting along with a slide I modified myself to a leaner 5.5 spec. I'm still stock pipe and engine otherwise. I opened airbox up like most do. It's a great motor ... more »

Reply to 18’ 250sx carburetor options 3/12/2019 5:47 AM

I welded up a bung on back of my mikuni did some dremel tool machining and installed a powerjet made by another company-Vito with dial on PJ. Its on my 18 TC125 and I really like the ease of using it..I can simply reach down there and feel the dial just ... more »

Reply to Best '17 AER upgrade ? 2/27/2019 4:48 AM

Robert, Not yet. I have 2 huskys, 17 250 and 18 125. They are not my primary race bikes,,so they are both low time(8&12 hr) and haven't warranted rebuild yet to make the change and see what the shim stack is. I will be in next month and not forget ... more »

Reply to MX des States 2/24/2019 1:09 PM

I'll be there with 3- 80s for the vintage 80 race saturday,,and YZ125 on Sunday. Last year I heard there was almost 300 entries!!....The live band saturday night was rockin,,and the BBQ was awesome. The track is friendly and less sandy. The beautiful ... more »

Reply to '79 KX125 discussion 2/21/2019 6:48 AM

Hi, I bought a POS 79 KX125 many years ago. Mine was thrashed,,frame broke, motor needed everything,,seat shot, gas tank rough...but because of the model,,,I saved it and started collecting peices to redo it someday. What is wrong with yours that you ... more »

Reply to 1978 rm250C2 restoration 2/17/2019 5:45 AM

I understand. If something changes,,,I PMed you my phone and email. Bringing old bikes back to life for my own collection is my passion.

Reply to Mikuni TMX 38 - Needle Jet 2/16/2019 6:28 PM

Its pushed up out. I made mistake of trying to drive mine down and flaired the hood that sticks up.

Reply to 1978 rm250C2 restoration 2/16/2019 6:12 PM

tomm55x , Did you ever put your 78 back together?

Reply to Air compressor for soda blaster 2/14/2019 7:03 AM

I blasted a couple frames last week with a harbor freight pressure blaster.I tried sand, crushed glass.My compressor makes 17.5 cfm at 90,,,it's a american made Emglo/Jenny,,,80 gl tank. It ran nearly continuous and took about 1.5 hours each frame. I ... more »

Reply to best engine mods for 2018 TC125? 2/12/2019 3:14 PM

Yes AJ565 I have a 17 TC250 as well as the 18 TC125. I checked the 250 compression today and it is 192psi cold ,here at 200 ft,,,and with a Lisle compression gauge. My 250 has 12.5 hrs,,,and not been apart. I was surprised at the high number! Let me ... more »

Reply to best engine mods for 2018 TC125? 2/11/2019 6:29 AM

I do not have a lectron,,,but the adaption should work. The fuel is drawn from a nipple in bottom rear corner of bowl, up through line to the jet. The jet needs to be 10 oclock-2 oclock positioned. The lectron already is adjustable so this maybe overkill. ... more »