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New thread Which Frameless goggles with Airoh helmet? 11/16/2020 12:18 PM

I was running the Dragon NFXs a while back until they went out of business a few years ago. Switched to 100% but I can't stand how easily dirt gets behind the tear-offs. Do any other frameless brands fit in the Airoh window? Havoc, Oakley, etc?

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New thread Moto Van Build! 10/20/2020 11:12 AM

I've been drooling over everyone elses van builds for years and finally got started on my dream van so figured I'd post a thread to update as I progress! Picked up this 2020 Mercedes 144 high roof diesel Sprinter about a month and a half ago. Ironically,

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New thread Roll Call: Mercedes Sprinter Owners! 9/9/2020 9:13 AM

Getting the itch to replace my 2000 E-350 with a new high roof Mercedes. Any owners care to share their thoughts/opinions on them in general as well as their thought process on gas vs diesel and 144 vs 170? My plans would be to do a mild build out; water ... more »

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New thread Help identifying Mikuni carb and finding parts 7/14/2020 6:21 PM

Doing a carb rebuild on this little fella, came off my buddies Redcat CT70 Replica. Any idea where I can find parts? Need a float bowl o-ring gasket specifically. Thanks!

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New thread Dropkick Murphy's 3/17/2020 4:12 PM

Livestream concert starting on YouTube soon!

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New thread Removing Brake Pedal? 6/24/2019 9:42 AM

After almost 3 years off the bike I decided it was time to get back at it! Picked up a YZ250F a few weeks ago and hit the track this past weekend. Shewww I missed it and can't wait to get back out there ASAP. I was reminded of one of my old habits and

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New thread E-350 Powerstroke for moto van - yay or nay? 6/19/2019 10:38 AM

Hey folks, been searching for a moto van for the last few weeks. Came across a 2000 E-350 7.3 w/233k miles which is pretty much the only diesel I can find in my price range within a reasonable distance. I got him down to $3500 but I'm still not sure ... more »

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New thread Yamaha Dealers near Raleigh, NC? 6/4/2019 8:12 AM

I just moved to Raleigh and am looking into possibly purchasing a new YZ250F. Who has the best prices in the area? Willing to drive an hour or two. Thanks!

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New thread Raleigh, NC 12/19/2018 9:05 AM

I’ve been presented with an opportunity to fill a position with my company just south of Raleigh, NC. It’s very tempting but I’ve never been so I figured I would reach out to the people of Vital. About me: 28, single, currently living on the eastern ... more »

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New thread SoCal MX sights on a Monday? 6/1/2018 9:22 AM

I have a day to burn this Monday driving from Encinitas to Anaheim. Would love to at least stop at the pro circuit shop in Corona. Would any of the tracks have any pros practicing? Any other MX sights (or otherwise) I should check out?

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New thread San Diego SX Tickets - Where/How to buy? 12/20/2017 5:46 AM

Heading out to SD in Feb with a friend to visit my cousin and hit the race. Been a few years since I've bought SX tickets and struggling with the best place to buy. Did a search on Vital and elsewhere but can't find a solid answer. Varies with the stadium ... more »

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New thread 2014 YZ250 6/7/2017 2:04 PM

Located in Salisbury, MD 21801. See ad for details, post below for pictures. https://easternshore.craigslist.org/mcy/6163680061.html -Christian

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New thread Oktoberfest - Who's been? 1/16/2017 2:02 PM

A friend and I are in the midst of planning a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest. Thinking 3-4 days in Munich then head to another destination for a day or two. Any suggestions for the fest itself or where else to travel would be appreciated. Trying to keep ... more »

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New thread Des Moines, IA 9/21/2016 9:31 AM

Heading there for work next wk. Any local vitards have any bar/restaurant recommendations? Any sights I NEED to see while I'm there?

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New thread Atlas Brace with Airoh? 12/22/2015 7:15 AM

Ever since I got my airoh a few months back I haven't been able to wear my leatt as it's just too limiting. Anyone have experience with the atlas/airoh combo? Noticed that's what Anderson is wearing and thought I might give it a shot; the design looks ... more »

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New thread Shifting Powerband - yz250 10/2/2015 7:20 AM

2014 yz250 14/51 gearing, 1:3 ratio of 100LL to 93 Pump mixed 40:1. Very happy with the powerband but looking for a little more torque down low. Is an FMF gnarly overkill for mx or should I go with a fatty? I really do like how this thing revs out and ... more »

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New thread I'm an idiot...and bike won't start 9/23/2015 4:11 PM

So my yz250 fires on the second kick but immediately shuts off. I kick it ~10 times before I realize the reason it wont start is I left the airbox cover on.

Took that off, put a fresh filter on but no luck. Won't even try to start. It's a '14 ... more »

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New thread Reviving an xr70 5/26/2015 12:10 PM

Pulled a neglected xr70 out of my gf's garage the other day and I'm determined to get this thing running again! She says it's probably been sitting at least 5-7 yrs. I already drained the tank of it's toxic green gas and confirmed the petcock is stuck

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New thread Airoh helmets - where to buy? 4/13/2015 6:45 AM

Who has the best deals on them? Looks like a lot of places are out of stock motosport, motorcycle superstore etc. Anyone ever purchase from the Airoh USA webstore? I'm looking into the white aviator 2.1. Thanks! Edit: Also, are they true to size? My ... more »

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New thread YZ250-Extreme Pitting Problems 1/9/2015 7:49 AM

Hoping you guys can give me some insight into this! 09 YZ I bought last Jan, Did a top end this summer after it started losing power/compression. Noticed some slight pitting, thought maybe it was detonating due to pump gas and advanced timing so I set

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