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For every helmet I clicked on it says "8000 units in stock"

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Saw your initial post, sorry, I never had an hr meter on it unfortunately. I can tell you that was the first top end I put in and it was more preventative than anything. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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Located in Salisbury, MD 21801. See ad for details, post below for pictures. -Christian

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Check out Suits on Amazon Prime!

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I concur. Have a 2000 3.0 V6 standard with 148k and she burns a bit, but solid daily driver otherwise. Buy a manual, check oil level, and the radiator. Plastic endcaps on my radiator cracked a while back, cheap easy fix luckily.

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My parents have described to me similar memories, can't wait to have them burned into my brain as well hah! I have seen beerfest but will watch again! We will definitely check out Olympic park and some of the other local Munich sights. I'm thinking 3 ... more »

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A friend and I are in the midst of planning a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest. Thinking 3-4 days in Munich then head to another destination for a day or two. Any suggestions for the fest itself or where else to travel would be appreciated. Trying to keep ... more »

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Agreed. I love true crime documentaries. I've probably seen most of the good ones but does any one have any other suggestions?

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This brings me to another observation I've made going from big to small company. Totally different industries but I think my point is still applicable. Larger corporations will have multiple people with individual roles working on a single project - ... more »

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I think each has it's obvious perks (as mentioned by others above). I recently moved from a global company to one with around 12 office personnel where I'm one of four engineers. I did take a slight hit with health benefits and 401k matching but I'm ... more »

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I graduated from York a few yrs ago and still get the "timely notification" emails from campus safety. Took me too long to decide if this email was real or not...then proceeded to lol for quite a while.

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I work for an industrial refrigeration contractor; meeting with a customer. Of course I sprained my ankle racing yesterday so probably wont be doing as much exploring as I hoped. Walking from one end of o'hare to the other sucked. If any of you locals ... more »

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I knew a local could give me some good suggestions! The Hessen Haus and Iowa Taproom also caught my attention via google...any good? I've done some MTB'ing in my day but I'm flying so won't have my bike.

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Heading there for work next wk. Any local vitards have any bar/restaurant recommendations? Any sights I NEED to see while I'm there?

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I get too frustrated unless I'm half drunk! Things I've learned not to do drunk: fork seals and graphics

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I'll be there! Next Friday can't come soon enough!

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I thought I was good at math until I went into engineering haha. But I took Calc I & 2, differential equations, and "Math Methods" which is like an intro to calc III, linear algebra and other odds and ends. Even though that's only 4 classes, you

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You can't go wrong with either nursing or engineering salary wise. I'm a mechanical engineer myself and don't regret it a bit, although I definitely struggled through some classes. It was not easy, but when you get a great starting offer and all your ... more »