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Yep. Honestly the biggest advantage for me is it allows me to touch both toes and not use starting blocks lol.

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Wow, that was hard to read. Haven't been that close to tears in a long time. Ride in peace Connor, my thoughts go out to your family. And to think that could be any of us on our next ride...

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Watching the nationals on ESPN in the late 90's. Only took 6 years to convince my parents to let me get a bike!

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It's the Super Duke 1290 R. Yea, I'm not far at all from decent riding. I think you're on the right track though with looking at a naked bike. Definitely want something with an upright riding position if you're going to be stuck city riding some.

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Been focusing on mx for the last few years but just picked this up, can't wait to get some seat time in! My buddy has an FZ-07 and really likes it, has over 20k on it with no issues.

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A few of my favorites: Wormwood - Netflix: Oscar-winning filmmaker Errol Morris examines the 1953 death of scientist and CIA employee Frank Olson in this docudrama. Olson fell from the window of his New York City hotel room and the death was originally ... more »

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Livestream concert starting on YouTube soon!

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I raced at a track that would put hay bales to block the more popular lines during the first practice and it would force us to make more lines. Was kind of annoying but it worked lol.

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I drain it cold then run the bike a few minutes to get the rest out. Works good.

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Have you tried sous vide at all? Just curious how it compares to your method. I sous vide mine at 130F for about two hours then sear on the cast iron at med heat for about a minute per side with a steak weight. I'll never eat a steak out again.

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I agree with you on your hypothetical conclusion. "a more flexible mount would increase the dynamic loads on the mounting points."

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This! They're cheap and last forever. The weight of steel vs aluminum is negligible for me personally.

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I'm a licensed professional engineer working in the industrial refrigeration industry. Not my dream job by any means but I enjoy it and it pays well! Would love to own my own business or firm at some point but until then...

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I didn't know they had a black color scheme available, freakin beautiful man!

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Jonathan was training at JWTF back in 2015 when a buddy and I went down to ride. Ended up hanging out with him most of the week. He was just a goofy 16 year-old kid chasing his dream. Saw him riding for the first time since then last weekend and he was ... more »

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I picked up a 2019 YZ250F a few months ago, coming off of a 2014 YZ250 w/9oz flywheel weight. My main takeaway from the switch is that I can ride so much longer on the 250F. I miss the 250 2-stroke power but the F makes up for it with it's smooth delivery. ... more »

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From what I read in one of those links, the water goes to a drain pan where it evaporates either naturally or from the compressor heat. Can you physically see where the hole leads to or a drain pan anywhere?

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I would say your defrost condensate drain is most likely plugged. I work in industrial refrigeration so I can't say my knowledge on this is too in depth but I just googled "defrost condensate freezer" and got a lot of hits with topics you might find ... more »

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I haven't used them in a while (not for any particular reason) but I'll have to give them some business next time I need something! I typically use Motosport and haven't had any issues.

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That's how I'm interpreting it. I bought the twin air filter for my 19 but still having issues with penetration around the edges. Have the power flow arriving today. Other than that I love the bike!