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I think the o-ring got eaten away as the pitting propogated towards it...definitely didn't help things once that started happening. Good thing I tore it down when I did instead of continuing to ride. I'll definitely keep an eye on things once I get it ... more »

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I just ordered a dial gauge so I can get the timing spot on. Powerseal also said they'll cut .010" out of the head squish. Between those and a new crank seal I should be good. Thanks!

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I have heard these engines can be finicky on pump. Luckily I have the cylinder and head at Powerseal USA for repair right now, I'll see what they can do with the head to fix the sqish gap. Thanks!

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Hoping you guys can give me some insight into this! 09 YZ I bought last Jan, Did a top end this summer after it started losing power/compression. Noticed some slight pitting, thought maybe it was detonating due to pump gas and advanced timing so I set

... more »

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Roczen Canard Tomac Bowers Osborne Nelson

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I believe he hit a tuff block in the whoops and ate it pretty hard. Didn't watch long long enough to hear how he was afterwards.

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Are you sure this applies to black friday? It says "TODAY'S (11/24/14) PROMOTION HAS ENDED". I could use a few sets!

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This. The study probably makes no sense to anyone without an engineering and/or medical degree of some sort. As an engineer, it made enough sense that I will continue to wear mine. With that being said, I do agree that there may be certain situations ... more »

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I pull a 4'X7' harbor freight trailer with my stage 2 04 WRX and you can barely tell it's there. About to swap it out for my 07 Sti, can't wait to see the looks I get! Using a Curt hitch.

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I have an impact wrench, grinder, 1/2" sockets, and torque wrench. All have held up to occasional use but I can't say I have 100% confidence in the torque wrench.

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Aluminum is a metal. If you mean steel engine mounts, then no, you can't weld steel to aluminum. You wouldn't lose any torque, but would definitely lose chassis stiffness.

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I assumed the worst after I saw their post on FB that sunday practice was cancelled. Good to hear the situation was handled well. RIP fellow rider, thoughts and prayers to the family and friends.

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Or is this really worth around the price it's fetching? ... more »

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Same thing all my non-degree'd friends say...I just think to myself "I still make $20k more than you with a years worth of loan payments subtracted from my salary" That being said, do you have to go to college to have a good paying job? Nope! I just ... more »

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Voted for Mike as well! As you said, great guy and who else at the pro level has an M.E. degree!? He deserves it!

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IMO this was pretty comparable to a block pass situation in any other sx turn. Once mookie realizes Anderson was going for the outside he stood his bike up a bit and tried to cut Anderson off (Mookies line just looked unnatural to me). Neither rider ... more »

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I was in your same boat back in the day. I had wanted a dirt bike for as long as I could remember but my parents were pretty against it. Took me until I was about your age (14 or 15) to prevail. I'm still not sure how I pulled it off but it was probably ... more »

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Awesome! 09 yz250...look for the guy getting arm pump after the first lap. How's the parking and staging area set up? Cost? Their website is rather lacking.

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Does anyone want to ride at switchback this sunday or maybe next weekend? Just picked up a yz250 after a 2 yr. hiatus and itching to get back on the track. Also, looking to make some trips down south (VA,NC) this winter. If anyone is interested in getting ... more »