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Finally able to make the race this year, should be heading up thursday night for a long weekend of moto!

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I'm in love with mine. Told my friends I was getting one and they're all "why don't you get a XXXXX dude!?!" Now that I have one and put it in their hands they don't know what to say. Quality is top notch, great venting, easy to clean and light (obviously). ... more »

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Was just listening to the DMXS show with Albrecht the other day about this. Props to Make-A-Wish, Barcia, and the JGR crew for doing this, super cool!

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Saw some guy made one asking for $25k to help pay off his car because times were rough...and some chick made one to get her dream tattoo. Get real people

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News flash: Motocross is expensive. The truth is most who make it in the sport "make it" before the whole 9-5 thing even comes into play.

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"Brandon's 2nd race"

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250 two stroke would be a bit overwhelming for a beginner in my opinion. Hell, I've been riding for a while and I still scare myself on occasion! All motocross big bikes (125cc and up) are generally the same physical size so your height is irrelevant, ... more »

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Agreed, it was awesome watching the guys swapping lines, cutting down etc. As I think Weege stated on the broadcast, the results don't really show the racing that went down, it's been great!

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I went for M.E. as well. As someone else said, the first yr or two won't be too bad but after that it got to the point for me where you're either eating, sleeping, or doing homework. It sucked. Most weekends I had free until sunday afternoon rolled around ... more »

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I first got into racing MX in '07, I'd say everyone had been hopping on the 4 stroke bandwagon in the few years leading up to then. I basically stopped riding racing from '10-'13 and go back into it last yr. It's awesome seeing all the 2 strokes now ... more »

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Another vote for the SG12's. Keep an eye out on ebay and craigslist, I got mine new for $380 shipped!

Started new thread Reviving an xr70 5/26/2015 12:10 PM

Pulled a neglected xr70 out of my gf's garage the other day and I'm determined to get this thing running again! She says it's probably been sitting at least 5-7 yrs. I already drained the tank of it's toxic green gas and confirmed the petcock is stuck

... more »

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Just wanted to update this thread as others may find it useful! I ended up buying the aviator 2.1 valor from motordiscounter on ebay. Paid significantly less than I have seen this helmet listed for in all the US stores (which are out of stock). Shipping ... more »

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Can you read? Because he doesn't want to enable those low life bike thieving thugs! Casper, I think if you get a potential buyer on the phone you may be able to feel them out and get a better idea of who they are. Other than that, try to sell on a forum ... more »

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Stole my words! Stupid question...what controls the actual swiveling motion on that thing?

Darryl916 left a comment 4/14/2015 1:35 PM

Shoot me a text instead. 240-286-3372

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That's a good point. I don't want to be waiting on a new helmet half the season.

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Thanks for the info. No one has them in stock it's crazy. Even the airoh america website says they don't stock them and estimate 20-30 days shipped

Started new thread Airoh helmets - where to buy? 4/13/2015 6:45 AM

Who has the best deals on them? Looks like a lot of places are out of stock motosport, motorcycle superstore etc. Anyone ever purchase from the Airoh USA webstore? I'm looking into the white aviator 2.1. Thanks! Edit: Also, are they true to size? My ... more »

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Nice ride! Just picked up a leftover '14 to replace my beat '09. I still don't understand why everyone's like "why didn't you get a 4 stroke?" If they only