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wow that's pretty wild, cool shot!

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thought the racing was great. hard to pass but seems like if you know how to pass you could make due. reed did awesome. the track made for some good racing. coulda went for 20-30 minutes of that kinda racing!

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Hmm didn't know you couldnt take booze into there. never been there but I assumed most nationals were the same. High point mass amounts of booze brought in there haha.

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I would venture to bet neither RV or RD are using PEDS. RV said on Pulp last night WADA showed up at his house at like 11 one night last year and tested him. Too much for those two to lose to use anything like that.

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I think what Cunningham did was low, from watching on TV it seemed very close. Could of made for a really bad wreck and wasnt even necessary at all. Cunningham looked like a tool to me.

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I know this has more then likely been tossed around a few times but why do the 450s still run before 250s. I know a few years ago I thought it was cuz the 450s were live for a moto or something but now I don't think it matters with TV. Would much rather ... more »

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The fuel broadcast was great I thought, when it came to second 450 moto I was ready to punch the TV, hardly any racing. They put in like a lap and it would cut back to commercial. I got bored and fell asleep due to the commercials. I'm sure outside non ... more »

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Love watchin the old stuff, was funny seeing the lil hanny/chad thor commercial in there, brappp. Feels like just yesterday I was watching those races on tv.

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happy to see him do well, hopefully he can carry this momentum through the rest of the series now that he knows he can run up there.

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Fuels broadcast on direcv runs circles around nbc. NBC sucks,looks real bad.

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Wow that's awesome haha

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Renthal dual compound

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I was impressed. He rode real well at high point.

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The simple green graphics were real sick, I also liked the 04 graphics alot too.

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I read an article somewhere recently and Wilson is only on PC for this year. Unless Mitch is resigning since injured but otherwise I think it was one year deal.

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Word was at HP was the e10 guys had to take there bikes to Rock River after the race was over.

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Nice pics Rup!

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Durham is signed with PC through 2014.

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Will be leaving in a few hours to make my way down, can't wait, haven't been there in 3 years.