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Haha. Trophy girls, umbrella girls, etc have always been a part of motorsports. I don't have a problem with that. I just think the Monster girls are a little trashy. Even the Redbull girls at the nationals are a bit more classy.

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That's the one thing I dread about going to the races. There never fails to be some stupid bro(s) or group of drunk people that seem hellbent on ruining the experience for those around them. I chuckle a little when the TV broadcast tries to portray attending ... more »

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He has been right in the mix in practice each week. This past weekend at A2 he posted the 2nd fastest lap in the overall combined times. I don't think his speed is the problem. I also don't think there's any significant problem with the bike. I thought ... more »

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Thank you for looking up the numbers & posting this so I didn't have to. I agree completely.

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He looked good out there today. I thought he was riding confident & fairly aggressive (as far as changing up lines & pushing to find a way by). He's proving (if anyone had any doubt) that he can run with Stewart at a FAST pace the entire moto. ... more »

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Like jmclennan41 said....Daytona where they broke a case in the heat (supposedly caused by a rock) & obviously the Southwick bike problem. Are the issues they had a result of DeCoster leaving & Webb taking over? Ultimately It doesn't really matter. ... more »

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Yeah Hank pretty much got it. I just mean there are more guys at or around the same level than I remember in recent years (besides last year). You've got 5 legitimate top guys in the premier class when they are all healthy. Each one is constantly trying ... more »

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I think the amount of injuries might have more to do with the level of competition increasing rather than the track or bikes. Some of the injuries just off the top of my head: Villopoto - Washed out in a corner mired in traffic. Just tweaked the knee ... more »

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I'm glad to see he bounced back from last week & a rough start to the day today. Idk who would be handing the title to anyone, it's that kind of attitude that gets you in trouble. I was looking forward to a rematch between RD & RV outdoors this ... more »

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They have this coming weekend off. He's going to see the Doc this week to get an evaluation on the collarbone. If all goes well, it is possible he could be back 4/14 at New Orleans. That would be 5 weeks from when it was plated. They could focus primarily ... more »

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Dungey got 1 the night Villopoto took him out then crashed in St. Louis & he got 1 in Las Vegas. That's 2 of 6 if you count St. Louis. 1 of 6 if you don't.

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Yeah basically what zook said. If RV wins this championship, I think the reason he won't have as many people trying to put an * on it is due to the fact the he was clearly the strongest rider up until the point of Reed & Dungey's injurys. The difference ... more »

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Looks to me like the bike snagged his boot as it was flipping back forward after he initially hit the ground. You can see it if you start watching at the 10:03 mark.

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I don't know if either of them are going to be filling in for the Factory Honda team, but if Reed does end up needing someone I would say Cole Seely or Wil Hahn could be an option. Not sure how soon Hahn would be ready to go coming off his hip injury. ... more »

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You're not crazy. That was one of the first things that went through my head when watching the crash live. After checking out some pictures of the boot though, I don't really see anything that stands out. Just a freak thing I think.

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Last year we stayed at the Hard Rock & completely regretted it. If you want to be surrounded by bros, have people crashing the cymbal / light sconces on the hallway walls at 3am & have your bathroom sink backed up to the counter top the entire ... more »

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Besides the debate of whether or not it would be "safe", it wouldn't be very entertaining. Between the bikes being less capable than what they actually run & the riders not being comfortable on a bone stock bike (as suggested), it would make for

... more »
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Did anyone else notice Dungey's mechanic doing something with the left rear side of the bike before the start of each race? Check out the links below at the specified times & take a look. I haven't seen that with guys before, maybe I'm just missing ... more »

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Sounded like comfort period. He was kind of vague, talking about how each rider has to make a choice for themselves....etc. I also saw someone post on here after speaking with his dad & say that he was just trying it without to see how he liked it. ... more »

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Deetsmx beat me to it. He briefly spoke about it in one of the KTM Meet & Greet vids (I apologize for not finding the link to post to it). Basically to paraphrase, he said it was mainly a matter of comfort that led him to no longer wear one.