About Me

I am a life long successful entrepreneur, retired at 40 got restless and started another business then retired again at 50. Now investments, MX racing and chasing MX events and woman around the globe is my life! smile MX since 72 multi time A-class and most recently 05 +30 champ. I now ride in the 40 and 45B classes in District 23.

I never had the urge or talent to try to turn pro but have had lots of fun anyway. Raced with my kids for many years, my son and daughter are both D-23 A-class and womens champs. I still practice 3X week on my private track and race most weekends. In the winter i live with my girlfriend in Brasil and try to ride there each winter. The pic is of me on my 09 YZ450 in June 2010, love it!