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He smoked them down in the PIR race, I was hoping to see how he stacked up on his home track. I really think he has top 10 potential there.

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Isn't Tommy racing the national this weekend at Washougal? I can't find him anywhere in the practice lineup?

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This union should be as tight as possible. Is it a full system? I have never seen an aftermarket full system that was loose at any junction. It will, as you have seen, cause a backfire. On a stock system if the header seal or the header to muffler seal ... more »

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You must be thinking awning covers not seat covers.

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Maybe .001 within each other, but not .001 clearance. I would take the ..10 and get it to .13 so they are even. I always try to stay as close to the center of spec on intakes and closer to the tight side of specs on the exhaust.

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Hot sauce will cover these guys. Ryan Abrigo 2nd and Josh Hansen in 3rd.

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Ask your buddy if these guys want more work like this and if they do, post up their information. I am sure there are quite a few guys with various wiring issues like this on many brands of bikes that could use some help.

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I thought I heard that his E start failed. Might be wrong??

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I don't buy the fact that they planned on not winning. They hired Roczen to win, he is delivering. Case closed.

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The last rumor I heard was Yoshimura taking over the 250 team and RCH taking the 450 factory effort over.

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We need Jason McCormick to come out of retirement. JS7 could also start his comeback right here.

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hillbilly has some good advice here. On a Yamaha YZF I would recommend replacing the cam chain every 50 to 60 hours. The stretch and they are pretty easy to change and are extremely affordable.

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Good luck Ernie!

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How does this old slow heavy bike get 40% of the top ten spots????

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In the late 80's and early 90's you didn't do energy drinks. You did Coors and Camels.

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I think you would be happiest with the 120. The 110 on a 450 will just not have the grab that bike can achieve with the 120.

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If anyone is interested in a group buy we can probably get real close to free freight if we did 4 or more of them. Let me know and I can get an order put in. They are shipping from Italy so make sure to give me some lead time before you receive the tanks. ... more »

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That guy just makes me grin. He is livin'

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They are a good solid bike. Just look for the usual......dents on the bottom of the frame, sticky rear linkage, loose wheel bearings, dirty air filter etc. If it has had regular oil changes and air filter service it will be fine.

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It is a SCAM. If you are ever in doubt, just ask them for a phone number so you can call them to discuss the sale. Also, ask them to pay with a certified check and you will pay the FedEx air fees to get the check to you. Should cost you about $15.00 ... more »