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During the summer boise was getting 12,000 people a MONTH coming from CA. Currently the boise infrastructure is overwhelmed. The roads now resemble LA, the schools are overcrowded with new students etc... I understand that not everyone from CA is a jerk ... more »

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John Gregory has been a bit busy climbing out of trees. I don't think buckwheat would want his plane now... John cracks me up, he didn't have engine failure, but rather "the prop stopped turning" He didn't have a scratch on him. ( a little brusing from

... more »
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Best bang (and performance) for a WP conversion is the MX Tech Lucky cartridge kit. $981 You can't beat the HUCK valve, easily the best bottoming control device out there and very good valving to match. I've had the Dal Soggio Sphere's, Ohlins, A-kit ... more »

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They should DQ Haaker and gomez . It would be a crappy way for Cody to win , but even worse way for cody to lose! I hope there is a protest..

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There is a reason why 2200 + racers show up for a GNCC and the local track can't attract any riders... They turned MX tracks into SX tracks... RACING happens ON THE GROUND! FROM MXA today 2019 DAYTONA SX: 106 RACERS BROUGHT TO THE LOCAL HOSPITAL BETWEEN ... more »

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typically there will be a press release sometime in May for the new bikes, Dealer meeting in June and bikes show up in july...

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I've run the Nitro, Dunlop and Michelin. Currently using the 3D Racing Enduro Mousses from BC. They run at 8-9 lbs when new and need no break in. So far I've got 6 months on a few sets and when mounting new tires they look like new... The biggest plus ... more »

Carl 44 left a comment 1/31/2019 6:10 AM
Carl 44

Also, Tony Lorusso is running Bostwick MX this winter in northern Florida. I wish I could go down and ride there.

Carl 44 left a comment 1/31/2019 6:07 AM
Carl 44

Are you riding down south for the winter? Hope you are doing well.