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Reply to If you had do choose and older bike. 7/21/2021 9:09 AM

The 2008 Honda CRF 450 was a really good bike. Or any of the late generation Japanese two strokes.

Reply to Johnny Hopper........ Shots Fired 7/15/2021 6:17 AM

Another video straight from disability island

Reply to GASGAS mc 350 5/23/2021 7:10 AM

That one is coming too. I spoke to our local KTM/Gasgas dealer about it yesterday

Reply to Gypsy Tales w Ryno 4/19/2021 7:07 AM

I'm not a big fan of the Gypsy Tales guy, and Ryno sometimes is a bit "out there" but damn he's interesting to listen to. Probably my favorite episode of GT so far.

Reply to deepest sand track? 4/19/2021 7:01 AM

Loon Plage in France is definitely one of the gnarliest sandtracks in the world. All the beach racers go there to train, I've spent a couple of times to practice during the winter in the past couple of years. That track eats you up and spits you out. ... more »

Reply to 2021 GasGas 450 or wait till 2022 is out. 3/27/2021 1:48 PM

Wouldn’t we have seen the new model as this years’ FE bikes if the ‘22 KTM was going to be all new?

Reply to Enduro Suzuki Build - 2015 RMZ 450 3/23/2021 3:58 AM

That’s a really cool bike man. Despite being oldschool I think the RMZs are great bikes.

Reply to What if... 2/25/2021 10:50 AM

You need a gasgas tank to make the conversion

Reply to My picks for the 10 ugliest motocross bikes ever 2/25/2021 10:49 AM

So many cool looking bikes in that list. To me the 2000 Husaberg was one of the coolest looking dirtbikes ever made. I really want to own one. It’s a shame that it’s almost impossible to find one in good shape and with the babyblue tank intact

Reply to Swap and Adrian from Ride Engineering on pulp 2/23/2021 8:19 AM

That was hard to listen to

Reply to KTM 450 FE Ugly/dumb handlebar pad fix? 2/16/2021 11:45 AM

Here’s the solution

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Reply to CMT Compositi 2/14/2021 1:46 AM

I have ordered from them q few times, and never had any issues. They don't always respond to emails right away, but they always come through after a few days. In my book they are an awesome company with some really cool products.

Reply to Gypsy Tales - Clown show 2/10/2021 8:13 AM

I've been on and off about him ever since he started his show. I love his guests and their stories, which for me are the only reason I listen to some of them. Jase however comes across as a giant arrogant douche, and I can't stand listen to his long ... more »

Reply to Gold wheels thread... 2/6/2021 1:18 PM

My 2020 bike. Wish a hadn’t sold the wheels, they were cool.

Reply to GasGas 450 Factory Edition 2/5/2021 1:18 AM

If the 22 would be a new bike, we'd see Webb and Marvin on them in SX now. I think the 22 factory editions will be the new generations, but the regular 22 will be like the current bikes with new graphics and minimal changes.

Reply to Forkner comes back on PC KX450 rest of Supercross? 2/2/2021 7:03 AM

I'm pretty sure he would die if he rode supercross on a 450

Reply to Mosiman 1/31/2021 10:40 AM

Savage Jesus

Reply to Who ripped off who? 1/28/2021 8:19 AM

It's a Honda with a KTM engine. Probably one of the coolest bikes I have ever seen.

Reply to GasGas 450 Factory Edition 1/22/2021 3:39 AM

Is he blind? BTW. GASGAS tank part# is A54007013100

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