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Funny how this rule applies worldwide. A friend of mine had an 85 flying on the hood of his van during a trip to Spain a few weeks ago. Apparently some goon kid was practicing his wheely skills in the pits

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I wish I still had my 04 SX 200. That was a cool bike. Been looking for one in decent condition for a while now, but they are hard to find.

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They are available here and there. I've seen a few sets for sale in Germany, Denmark and the Netherland in the past couple of years. One set found its way to my bike

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AC or Ferrandis are my picks

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I'm having the cadaver meniscus too. What did they tell you in regards to recovery time and riding again?

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I got the hamstring graft to fix my acl in 2013, rehab wasn't that bad, and I was back riding five months later. I've recently torn it again, along with some serious damage to the meniscus, and I'm looking at getting a meniscus transplant and an acl ... more »

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My experience with Öhlins vs. CV is, that the öhlins feels kind of harsh compared to the conevalve fork. I tried both on my Husqvarna 450 two years ago.

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Fox should put out a book with all the gear they've made through the years. I would buy that thing

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The MX12 has more corner stability

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I have tried all kinds of different levers on my KTMs, but nothing feels as good as stock

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Looks way better than the current Altas. Somebody with a 3D printer should try making restyle shrouds for Alta owners

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If you have Spotify, try searching for the Crusty Demons of dirt soundtrack playlist, pure gold. Also there is a playlist called 90s MX soundtrack, lots of good stuff in there as well

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I think Webb has the potential to be the next multi time champ

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What are you referring to?

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I've been on KTMs for the most part of the last 15 years and have never had this problem

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I honestly think the Husqvarnas look best stock. Just get some numberplates and a second pair of shrouds with the inmold graphics

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Keep the closed catridge fork from the 14 for the 18. Everything but the fork is way better on the newer bike.

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Just pre ordered them in Germany, can't wait to try these out

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