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Go riding! I got my second ACL and meniscus operation in June and just started riding again. It feels weird in the beginning and you will think about the knee constantly, but it goes away once you get some seat time in.

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I. think we'll have to wait another year. 13-15 16-18 19-21 and the FE coming out during the last year of the model

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To be honest I think the 12-16 SX 250s are some of the coolest bikes ever made. I currently have a 2020 SX 450 as my moto racebike, but really missed the older two strokes, so I am building up a 2016 TC 300 for some beach and sand racing. Those engines ... more »

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To me this is one of the coolest stories of the offseason. I'm a big fan of downhill racing and Kerr, and really want so see him do good.

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Has anyone stumbled upon any spy pics or any clues to what the new red KTMs are going to look like?

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I really like the Odi V2 grips

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Mine don't make that sound

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I'm tired of having a permanent sandbox in my driveway at home, and I'm looking for a solution. Has anybody built anything sweet? I have a lawn, and I'd be willing to give up a corner of it to build something. I'm looking for ideas.

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Liked a comment on the item First Look: SOFA Brand 11/9/2019 1:04 PM

"the jersey doesn't breath"
"the gloves are not true to size"
"they are very expensive"
"there is a lot going on with the pant buckle system"

I highly recommend them

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The new Sherco SC models look badass. Would be cool to see more of them racing.

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I have this 2016 RMZ 450 that has only done 28 hours which I found quite cheap during the summer

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Ben Townley does some tours with rental bikes and gear, that might be worth looking into. There are both tours catered to racers and trail riders. The NZ getaway tour looks awesome.

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Now the next move will be to prevent the riders from being sponsored by any other CBD company, just like the GoPro deal a few years ago.

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I had the stator come loose in a 2010 450 KTM back when it was almost new. Never understood how that happened, and have never seen it happen again before now.

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The 52mm forks are lighter than the stock forks

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They were so badass, I always wanted one. The parts # for the graphics is 50308192244, but finding a set won't be easy.

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The Germans don’t have that many options. Unfortunately the German federation doesn’t give a shit about motocross and the development of future talent

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Saw these on facebook today, apparently Thumpstar has something new in the works. Does anyone know more about this?

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Weird seeing Anderson ride without a neck brace