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My current ´20 KTM SXF 450 is probably the best bike I have ever owned. Also I've always loved the 12-16 generation SX/TC 250s, those engines were powerful, easy to tune and absolutely bulletproof.

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I will forever remember Ryno as one of the toughest badasses to ever ride a dirtbike. Crazy or not, I'm a fan

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Aren't the EXC and FE the KTM/Husky equivalents to these bikes?

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You have won this thread!

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Akrapovic had Van Beverens bike on display at the check-in area at Le Touquet. Insane piece of machinery.

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I just bought these for a 2020 ktm. The fit on the airbox side is horrible and makes it impossible to remove the airbox cover without tools. Back to the drawing board please.

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I do. Otherwise I go crazy

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Saw this today. Looks good

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You guys in the front are on a whole otherlevelof gnarly. The speed through the sandwhoops is amazing to watch. My bike seized after four laps, so i had the chance to watch

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Cool video, cool bike, cool gear, cool track, cool guy. I love it

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I like all brands, but for some reason I keep coming back to KTM/Husky after one or two years on something else. Something about them just feels right for me. Currently I have fallen a bit in love with the new Yamaha 450, but I probably won't switch ... more »

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Damn I miss vurb

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Not get hurt again so I can race more

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Bob Mould makes amazing music!

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Is this a known fact or just speculation? Would be cool if it's true

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I'm really hoping for McAdoo in 250s

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