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The sport will grow as soon as price and accessibility to compete and ride grow. I moved out to Portland Or 8 years ago and discovered the miles of offroad trails available. That brought me back into riding. Going to Washougal fired the desire to get on a track and actually ride MX. I'd never ridden MX before but had ridden dirt bikes (I'm slow at both). There are 7 MX tracks within an hour and a half of Portland. Lots of riding and lots of racing. My thinking is that it is VERY hard for someone who has no background to enter the sport with their kids. The diversity of riders must increase, the inclusion must improve and yes the prices must fall. Candidly, this is a great, family oriented sport but it is extremely intimidating for a newb parent or adult rider to enter without some level of help. The local level's need more ambassadors to the sport or it will wither and die. When the 40 plus classes outnumber riders in the kids classes that means new folks are not coming to it.

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