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not just vital, google is better at searching pretty much any site that way

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Links in notifications should take us to the exact page and post of what's being responded to. Right now you gotta click across the pages to find where the reply is.

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but do they have to look like sporkmobiles?

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snooze fest

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!RemindMe 5 months

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they also didn't copy it was a business relationship. Suzuki provided the dual sport 400 platform, so you had DR400Z and KLX400S - same bike other than plastic color and graphics. Kawasaki provided the 250 four stroke mx platform. So the RM250Z and KX250F ... more »

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The red rims stood out in the sea of black.

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Come to the east coast or Florida next year!!

Reply to IF or WHEN e-bikes take over, what will you miss most about fuel bikes? 1/6/2022 6:50 PM

I already do, and it's walking into a stadium full of 125 two strokes on the track

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That slow right hander across the finish area will be one lined

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That's not true. Multiple times on one way trails I was surprised by a couple goofs in SxS's hauling ass around a corner towards me, going the wrong direction. If trails are marked one way nobody abides by those rules. The exposed culvert pipe is inexcusable. ... more »

Reply to TLD RED BULL GASGAS To Run Method Race Wheels 1/5/2022 7:26 AM

The exact same thing was frequently said in the early 00's when the random black rim started showing up on race bikes. TImes change, enjoy the race while it lasts

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I played the HELL out of MCM2 back in the day, still have all my old custom built tracks.

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Not a fan of the graphics, they will be shredded or just covered with dirt in no time esp outdoors. LOVE the red rim, tho agree the rims should match the red hubs at least.

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I'm sorry that happened to your friend. Can you say how they were injured/died out there?

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I rode there a few times this fall. They recently started grooming the MX tracks (there are at least 3 good ones near the main parking area), and had a good time each ride. They don't allow quads/sxs's on the mx tracks. You couldn't pay me enough $ to ... more »

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If anyone in the Southeast is having trouble locating a '22 YZ125, Cycle World of Athens has one on the showroom floor. Talk to Stephan! I was gonna get it, but ended up with a KTM instead.

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No 87 cr250 head BUT I have a few 89 KX125 parts including a decent tank, stock pipe with very few dents, and I think some powervalves for the same.

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You're super welcome, good luck with the build!!