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All in on the Magura Hymec. Pull isn't that much lighter than my cable was, but it's an improvement. Note that they had to kind of custom build a kit for me. The kit on Amazon listed for 2007 KX250 (p/n 2100019) does NOT fit and is the wrong design (per

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Magura Hymec clutch installed last night!

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Honda pledged to never produce another 2-stroke due to environmental concerns. They seem to be following through and nobody stopped buying CRFs to protest. The sport will do fine with e-bikes when they start being released.

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Noise gets more tracks shut down than literally anything else.

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idk I was ready to pay cash on the spot. Looks like some of us are getting them pretty soon. No idea why some dealers don't want our money

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My local dealer said it wouldn't matter if I walked in with a sack of a million dollars, they couldn't make a deal happen if they wanted. Gotta wait till July 2022.

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I about pulled trigger on a nice Alta EX model, but realized it's not a good buy at current prices. The reason is that parts (and technical support) are getting hard to come by, and as soon as any of the big 5 drop a comparible electric MX bike, Alta's ... more »

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Its because some humans who have long arms also have long torsos that move our shoulders further away from the seat. Short bars make us hunch over more.

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6'2" lady rider here, almost always run tall seat foam and tall bars. Sometimes lowered pegs. Rode a friends bone stock '22 CRF450R a few weeks ago and felt like I was on a minibike with a 450 engine.

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Went to go speak with my wallet at my local Yamaha dealer Dealer says wait here let me check, wait a while. They come back and say the soonest they can get one is July 2022

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Emailed Acerbis to ask about white and maybe non-standard colored plastic for the '22 YZ two strokes. They said white plastic kits should be available by the first of the new year. They are unsure if non-standard (not black, blue, white) plastic will ... more »

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Gold rims will look super dope on this bike

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queen of spodes

WHY didn't they put gold rims on that puppy, opportunity missed

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This was my view from the greatest SX race of all time, 1990 Atlanta. This was one of the last races at the old outdoor Atlanta Fulton-County Stadium, and it was cold as fuck that night. My favorite riders back then were Jeff Ward and Ron Lechien, so

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The Japanese native speaker who I follow for instruction actually shared the info about Japanese people not liking tattoos. So I'd say it's def not just something passed around by Americans; it's literally being taught to us by Japanese people themselves. ... more »

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Unpopular opinion The intermediate track is crowded because people don't like having to huck 75 triples or be jumped over by people who do. It's crowded because most new/intermediate riders want relatively safe and fun challenges and don't want to beat ... more »

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something that ugly isn't complete without a blacked out swingarm and only one rim spray painted black

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Tattoos are still considered very taboo in Japanese culture; many (even young people) look at them as a mark of shame, and some won't talk with you if you have color. It's dumb and I wish that would change.

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RacerX did a podcast with Dave Antolak where he goes into history of Tuf and why they decided to start running non-factory colors on their KX's:

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I have a set of pink TUF plastic for a 1991 KX125/250, always wanted to build one but they are harder and harder to find