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This. if you want it super stealthy look for a stock, unmodified EXC muffler. These are super quiet and light weight. The KTM EXC mufflers have a unique chamber design, and if you find an un-molested stocker, it will also have a noise suppression disc ... more »

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RICK rick rick MELLON mellon mellon

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Hit me with the downvotes but I hated that they made the amatuers wear jerseys with name and number of older riders (and apparently a GOLFer). Let the dudes be themselves. Hit them up with retro gear and bikes for sure, but let them run their own names ... more »

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I'd be down for a restyle kit for my '07 KX250 two stroke

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Travis' bike is SICK. I miss all the the wild colors from the 80s & 90s.

Added reply in a thread Moto Helmets vs NFL Helmets 10/4/2019 8:35 AM This is a great resource for football and hockey helmets. I tried to get them to test roller derby helmets but its lower on their priority list. They said if I supply the helmets (6 new unopened boxes of each one) they'd put ... more »

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Anyone remember if Pro Circuit used to make a pipe for the 87's?

Started new thread Looking for 1987 KX250 pipe 9/17/2019 1:17 PM

Stocker is bent to hell. Does anyone make a new reproduction pipe? US or Europe... doesn't matter where.

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Black rims on bikes that didn't come with them from factory Spoke covers Swingarm decals (here's lookin' at you Renthal) Wiring "hacks" (like where someone butchered factory wiring to "hook up" leds) Retro graphics on newer bikes when all they did was ... more »

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Anyone managed to upgrade their '12-15 SX-F plastic to the '16-18 version? What all is involved?

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People hated the Japanese bikes in the early 70s same as in this thread with the Chinese. If this brand had a usable and reliable parts supply chain, I'd do it.

Started new thread Why do fake moto sites like the one linked inside exist? 8/21/2019 11:56 AM

Seen this floating around the interwebs today and am all wtf. Obviously this is fake news, no way Tomac passes inspection on a '05 bike for a national motocross. So why is this being shared around as news....

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Anyone know if plastic from a TC/FC/TCX/FX will swap right over to a FE of the same year?

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Any vintage bikes or skins available?

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I lost interest because I'd show up to race and was the only woman on the starting line in my class. Also racing is stupid expensive compared to the amount of driving and actual ride time on race day. Also most tracks are built for serious riders willing ... more »

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Green plates with yellow backgrounds. Never liked white side plates.

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87 RM250 had a rear disc. 87 RM125 did not (it got a disc in 1988). The 86 RM125 also had a weird port on top of the cylinder head, some of the mags referred to it as a "wart". The 87 RM125 head did not have the "wart". The 88's had a slightly different ... more »

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'14 KTM 350 SX-F '99 KTM 640 LC4 '99 Kawasaki KX250 '97 Kawasaki KX250 '86 Kawasaki KX125 '85 Kawasaki KX125

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Looking for a good, usable stock (or even aftermarket) silencer for a 1987 Kawasaki KX250. If you have something please reply with a way to contact you. PS I have been searching Ebay and Marketplace for months now with zero luck. Also looked for 1985 ... more »

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The 87 CR's hands down. Others... 1985, 1989, 1979, 2013