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If you have a good relationship with your dealer, ask them to print out the top end chapter of their on line service manual for you.

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Camshaft cap bolts 89 in/lbs Cylinder head bolts 44 ft/lbs Cylinder bolts 11 ft/lbs Small cylinder head bolts 11 ft/lbs

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I don’t live in California at this point either, but my understanding is that now that much of South Central is being gentrified, Palmdale is the new Compton. That’s just what I’ve heard.

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LACR (where he was riding) is LA County Raceway. LA hospitals are not somewhere I would want to be with a lung injury at this time.

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This is exactly why I’m not riding right now. Going to a hospital with a hole in your lung right now is about worst case scenario. I wish him the best.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll get the chain and sprocket set on order. As for performance mods, I haven’t ridden a 450 lately that I thought needed help in the engine department, so I think I’m going to run it stock for a bit. I called Factory Connection ... more »

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I’ll be picking up a brand new 2019 as soon as the trucking company drops it off. I have already purchased a TM Slide and Glide kit, and I know the stock chain and sprocket wear like butter, so I want to get a Dirt Tricks sprocket set on order along ... more »

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Papua, Indonesia is only a couple hundred miles. I’d bet a guy with a briefcase full of cash could disappear in a place like that for a long time.

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Flight risk for sure, especially since last I knew he owned his own Pilatus with a range of over 2,000 miles. He used to keep it a Chino Airport when he lived in the states.

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I’m 6’4” and I run RM low which is a flat bar with little sweep. This is the same setup that Pastrana (another tall rider) used on his race bikes. His freestyle bikes were a completely different setup. As a tall motocross racer, the last thing I want ... more »

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Dollar for dollar, nothing beats a KLR650. It will literally go anywhere, and you won’t feel guilty when you drop it on a trail somewhere.

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My little guy and all his buddies in the neighborhood flog his 16 inch Stacyc every day until the battery is dead. Well worth the investment.

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Dealership FB page.

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At all the tracks here in the Midwest, organized practice days are split up by bike size and ability level, and I think that’s smart. If I showed up at a track that allowed 450s and 50s on the track at the same time, I wouldn’t be back.

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I just joined the club last night. Looks like I have 122 pages to read through now. 🤦🏼‍♂️ My first purchases will be 1) heavier springs front and rear, 2) fork oil to raise the level, 3) Works Connection radiator braces, skid plate, and a start device, ... more »

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I’m about to make the same switch.

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I know one professional athlete that would refuse to sign. Nike owns Michael Jordan’s signature. He is legally forbidden to sign memorabilia.

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Their biggest problem was moving into a Taj Mahal just before the economy took a dump. Pre 2008, the motorcycle business in SoCal could have supported places like that.