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On a big bore. Ask DV. ? Seriously, he did score a single AMA Pro point. That’s more than I can say.

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Ummm, I know you’re just a trolling ass hat, but you do realize that he won the first moto before the track got muddy, right?

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One of the best comebacks in sports history.

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I’m not talking shit. I didn’t see the alleged take out. I just pointed out that when there is a 20 second per lap difference in speed, it is much more likely for an accident to happen. That is why local tracks have separate practices for minibikes.

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Yeah, but I’m not riding tracks tilled 2 feet deep with knee deep ruts that converge into a single line at the exit of every corner. If I did, it would be much more likely to happen. And no, the A riders at my local tracks are not going 20 seconds a ... more »

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Cut Webb some slack. He came up on Keefer like a B rider comes up on a KTM50 at chicken licks raceway. When your going 20 seconds a lap faster that the guy in front of you, it’s pretty easy for a mistake to happen.

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IMO, Whisky Throttle is the best moto podcast available at the moment. Unfortunately, the Ronnie Mac episode was the least entertaining podcast I’ve listened to all year. I made it about 30 minutes in.

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I would never steal bearings.

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Dirt Tricks sprockets and a Primary Drive X-ring chain will last forever. Haven’t even adjusted mine since installation.

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That was a looong time ago. I went to the last one, and I’m guessing it was 7 or 8 years ago. Good times.

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Who is the Darkside guy and why does would he ask such a douchebag question? Webb wasn’t throwing shade, just pointing out the obvious.

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History says if you can’t get the job done on a little bike, you won’t get it done on the big bike either. The last rider that skipped a small bike championship and went on to win a championship on big bikes was Jeff Stanton nearly 3 decades ago.

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Yup. Sexton and Ferrandis got to job done.

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The first one was 3 years.

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Monster just paid a ton of money to become the title sponsor of a dying sport, so they are simply cross promoting it in an attempt to draw in new fans that are already motorsports fans.

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My very first bike was a 1987 YZ250. I only got it because when my parents took me to check it out, I looped it out in the seller’s front yard. The powerband was like a light switch, and my skinny 14 year old ass lost plenty of skin out the back gate ... more »

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I’m 6’4”. A tall seat is the wrong way to go for MX no matter what bike you’re on. For a tall guy, you should be doing everything you can to lower your CG to make the bike turn quicker. If the sitting to standing transition is too much work for you, ... more »

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I guarantee Archview didn’t add anything to the sand. This isn’t Supercross, it is a dirt bike track caddy corner across the freeway from Larry Flynt’s in the ghetto of East St Louis. They just got a new load of sand last week to add to the track. They ... more »

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I don’t blame Eli when he feels a bit hesitant. His bike has had its fair share of mechanicals over the years, and it smokes like a two stroke even in the races he wins. I’d be nervous hucking quads if that was the case.

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Very interesting stuff. I only hope the production quality improves dramatically for the next episode. The fastest racer in the history of the sport deserves to have his story documented properly.