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He dominated the 7-8 51cc Limited class at Loretta's today with lap times that matched Matthew LeBlanc who won the 65cc 7-11. Fast genes!

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Monster Mountain. One of the best tracks I've ever ridden.

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My kid will appreciate the change!

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Smoking weed in Lake Havasu? Kawi isn't fond of that...

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It isn't the tracks, it is the bikes. If you tame tracks down, it just makes them faster and more dangerous. At 6'4" and 205 lbs, 450cc dirt bikes are a big advantage for me, but I gotta say, I had just as much fun going slower on my 250 two stroke. ... more »

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Ex Pros that AREN'T still getting checks from sponsors make the best journalists. That is why DV is the boss!

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I use mine twice a day for two minutes. I have seen a drastic improvement.

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Great looking bike, Chip. It's been way too long since we motoed together. Enjoy your new ride! -Bret Milan

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After getting hurt at the end of April, I haven't been able to ride and I'm borderline suicidal about it. If riding is what you love, no price is too high IMO.

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I had the pleasure of riding there over the Xmas break this year. You would be hard pressed to find a better track than this one!

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What happened to him? Double DNFs aren't his style. Are they still having problems keeping his bike running, or did he crash out of two motos?

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Try yoga. It made my back feel much better.

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Well, technically he only made $1,125,770. He is married, after all...

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The first bike they ever did for me, I had to send the suspension back twice to have them stiffen it up. When they got the suspension back the second time, they called me and asked if I wanted to meet them at the track to go testing. I felt like a factory ... more »

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I think he just needs more gluten to power him through the second half of the race. Seriously, though, he showed great speed. His stock sure shot up after last night!

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The Monster party in the Hugh Hefner Suite at the Palms casino several years ago where Too Short was there and played a set. Budd's Creek MXdN was pretty sweet, too.

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My favorite place to eat in Indy is Mo's, A Place for Steaks. The best steak place in the country IMO. If you're on a budget, the Char-Broiler Grill is pretty good, too. St. Elmo's is famous for their shrimp cocktail. After the race, you could always ... more »

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Lil' Chino does that with one hand draggin'

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I've done worse than that for a cheap plastic trophy. These guys do this for a living. Their job is to finish first, and there's no one you want to beat more than the guy you are fighting for a contract next year.