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Reedy back to 250s with Mitch for 2018 Stamp it.
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Thanks Alta. Was a really sweet deal. I was dying to try one and it didn't disappoint. Was only two laps of a baked out mini track with only a helmet for gear. Really liked it would love to get more time on a normal track with full gear on

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Nobody jumped it. I was there.

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Pure gold. Thank you Matthes. All you guys that didn't like it need to see it for what it was. A little taste of the true RV being just a little annoyed by Steve.

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Money in hand always. No holds no BS Always cash

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When Vince Fiese can hold off Chad Reed for three laps in a Semi and Mike Allessi can hold off Dungey for 2 plus laps in the main kind of looks like this wasn't a good track for passing.

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Only slightly better than last year's track. It sucked for passing. Not a really tough formula for a good track for passing. 1) Long rhythm sections with multiple ways to jump them 2) Long difficult whoop sections 3) 180' corners with long enough sections ... more »

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I've seen him in person at two of the rounds and he looks as bad as his numbers are. He's legally and technically qualified to be there but he really shouldn't be on a supercross track with real pros. He'd be a mid pack junior rider at a local race. ... more »

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That's definitely not anything new. local tracks do that all the time and also pretty common at nationals. They do it occasionally at supercross but I'd like to see it more.

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How about rockets too. Maybe missiles? Maybe have the guys race old Evel Knievel style Harleys or Triumphs. I know how about no rules? Maybe like roller derby? Call it Moto Derby!!!!!

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Sure seems like a short loop before they go back across the start if somebody gets tangled or does a Bagget loop out off the start might be a red flag.

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I completely agree. You'll also love how you can OJ something so bad you think mid air that you're going to crash and it obsorbs the impact really well and you ride out of it. Much better than crashing

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Was at Arlington. This guy really shouldn't be racing supercross. All do respect everyone should be given every opportunity but he's nowhere near up to speed. Regardless of age or anything this guy should spend a some time on a practice supercross track, ... more »

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I'd be all over this if I could just Home enough to ride.

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Is there a vitard meeting in Anaheim tonight? I've heard Dave and Busters might be a good place to go.

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I've had at least 3, probably 5 or 6. Scary and completely honestly I don't remember. I've broken lots of bones but my concussions have by far effected me the most. Can't say exactly how different I am but my short term and long term memory are definitely ... more »

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Cooper Webb- Damon Bradshaw Jason Lawrence- Chicken Dungey- Half Bailey half RJ Weston Peik- Jojo Keller.. John Dowd..

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Oh ya- forgot Gaerne

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Not sure but I think just about every boot out there except A-stars and Sidis are made in that same factory.