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Bye bye

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I'm surprised almost no one has mentioned Pontiac 2002. RC loops at about 50 mph, gets up in last, and almost wins. Granted, pretty much everyone else crash but the fact that he got up let alone almost win is huge

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The dude goes 5-5 for 4th and they have bump start his bike because it wouldn't fire before the 2nd moto? And also did you see his suspension bottom every time he hit a bump? Something doesn't add up quite right.

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were you the kid who posted on txmotocross to find tracks to ride in the south-central texas area?? have any luck finding places to ride besides del valle & cycle ranch?

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He had a virus and missed Red Bud. He'll be back for this weekend. I do wonder what's going on with him, though. I think he's at a point in his career where's had a bunch of chances to win and he keeps coming up just short. That has to be a huge mental ... more »

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If you can gear it down enough and keep the powerband as smooth as possible, you could make it work. My dad rides one of the Service Honda 500AF's and it's tough to ride in the woods. It absolutely has to have a flywheel weight on it too and if you could ... more »

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She said on Twitter that she's only doing stuff for Racer X, I think. Definitely no TV this year. Definitely a bit of bummer because she's really good. Either way, I'm just glad Erin Bates isn't there.

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But remember that for the first 2 years he was on PC, Carmichael wore the AXO gear that everyone on the team was wearing. It wasn't until he rode the factory bike in '99 for supercross and back to PC for outdoors that he went back to Fox. So who knows ... more »

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Goerke was a surprise to me. He was leading Tickle in the points for a while or was right with him before he got hurt. To go from barely making the mains last year to consistently being in the top ten in one of the most stacked fields ever is a big deal. ... more »

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Is that an air bubble?
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Well if you get upset for getting 3rd place in one of the most stacked fields in the supercross history, that means you're doing pretty damn good. It also shows that even though the Ryans checked out in that one that Davi's still putting in the work. ... more »

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Excellent post my man. I think RC definitely didn't just let those races go without a fight. If you remember back in 2003, the same thing happened when Chad when undefeated the last 6 races. Just watch the race from Dallas that year and you'll see that ... more »

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It's taken almost 3 years, but he's pulling away from the best in the world right now. If you're not pulling for this guy, you have no soul. Absolutely incredible.

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Here's another one. The Factory Connection bikes from Vegas in '04.

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Davi just needed a solid night to show that he might still have a shot at this thing and he did it. He's just riding within himself and that's so important in this age of the sport where everyone is going absolutely WFO and not giving anyone an inch. ... more »

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Looked like Trey just scrubed too hard and ejected off the bike. I don't think that was Barcia's fault, but I still hope he's ok. Everytime I see Trey hit the ground now, it scares me so bad. I will say, though, that Barcia was riding really aggressive ... more »

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Musquin almost won the title in one lap. Hope Wilson's ok

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I'll be the first to admit that I always thought Millsaps wasn't putting in the work during his career. But when he did, look at what we got: seeing him run the red plate for over half the series. And he held it in one of the deepest fields we've ever ... more »

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And I thought it was shocking that he got married. Congrats to TP and Lyn-Z! Needless to say, this will fun to watch.

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Stamp it

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