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Matthes should NOT be in the software development business. Pay a pro to do the job, not his in house solo guy.

Added reply in a thread Webb took out Keefer 5/18/2019 12:16 PM

I agree , the garbage that comes out of those toilet mouths on PULP gets old quick. X-rated. They think it’s makes them MEN to cuss, I learned in the 5th grade it does not after my Mom put soap in my mouth.

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I am sorry, the guys voice is brutal, stick to the keyboard. I can’t listen to him.

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KTM is the Ferrari equivalent in moto. imo. Very desired machine.

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Plan B go to twitch app on your iPhone or IPad . Search for supercross live

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Good call...sorry for the guy....minuscus is history along with ligaments .....l-o-n-g recovery . 9-12 months. The velocity extreme of the impact ....ouch.

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No kidding .....”but wait , uhh...I’ve never race or owned a mx bike, does my pw 50 count? “ Aka 90% of vital contributors

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Best comparative on this thread, yet inversely proportionate to the pointless comments in total on this thread, Look it up knuckle draggers.

Added reply in a thread Matthes crushing it at RACER he actually "happy"? 3/27/2019 10:09 PM

Huh.....what bro....not following your point.

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The corner thing with Roncada was kind of a “love tap” almost, Waaaaay different than what for example and just example purposes Musquin t-boned Tomac. That was brut force compared to the Roncada take down. Just my opinion.

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Get rid of that accent! I cannot understand why these tv execs think we want a foreigner with a heavy accent commenting during our races. Price is right maybe, Where is Jamie and the other cuties?

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Damn, close quarters competition with ultra high horsepower equipment. They will look back in 100 years and say “ holy f$&#$, those guys were modern day gladiators” . God know we are a passing generation/generations that are even willing to do this ... more »

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Black flag should have taken place on Marv, pure and simple. Marv had a brain cramp, and ya someone could have been critically injured in an extreme situation if he landed on them or the emergency people. Btw, I like Marv, but I am also a fan of the ... more »

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That is nice!

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The green liberals are working behind the scenes. Global warming don’t you know? (Sarcasm).

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And....errrr....what did this guy say? And like multiple hours before the race start. Hmmm.

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He can go into beast mode at any time and no one can predict it.

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Beat me to it on this pic being posted. I tried to find the one where he jumped on Carmichaels back.

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fMRI must have at this level of pro competition. He has probably had one, we will never know, but if it is clear, his brain is ok, if there are any after effects of the trauma that will take time to heal. High risk if not fully healed.

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Here we go again .....” 52 MM will make fast and now I can beat those guys”. Deja Vu with the gotta have show A-kit.