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I think Davi will have pressure on him to perform throughout the rest of the season that he hasn't had since round 1 due to the closure of the points gap. Not saying he won't respond well to the pressure, but he can't afford a bad race now, where he ... more »

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I might be in love...

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My humble opinion (which isn't necessarily original): There should be 125, 250, and open classes. Any engine configuration as long as the displacement is correct--4t, 2t, diesel, steam,...etc. Why should the AMA or anyone else get in the business of ... more »

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My brother used to talk about how he felt sorry for Charles Barkley never winning an MBA championship. And I've got other relatives who feel sorry for the Chicago Cubs never going to the World Series in their lifetimes.... I don't feel sorry for any ... more »

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This thread is about 3 hours overdue for the dumbgeon

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We like the PW50 better than the Honda CRF50 because it is lighter weight and has a lower seat height. A 5 year old will have a lot more confidence on the lighter bike.

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That's funny! He does have similar body english.

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I'm actually looking forward to turning 50 next March so I can race the 50+ class!