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Welcome Noob--I see you got a case of the blues...

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^^This -- because simple is good. No displacement handicaps for 2 vs 4-strokes. The 125s would be nothing but smokers; the 250s would be a mix; and the open class bikes would probably still be predominately 4 strokes. What's wrong with letting the market ... more »

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Thanks MX690--I used a heat gun, a block of wood and a 2lb hammer and tapped it off. Of course the bushings were bad when I got inside, but it looks like nothing else is ruined.

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I'm servicing the forks on my '05CR250F (500 conversion) for the first time. Right fork was no problem. On the left fork, I cannot separate the inner and outer tubes. I'm jerking them apart hard, but the seal has not moved from its seat. I even clamped ... more »

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Very enjoyable young man! I especially liked the effect you used in 3:43-44.

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The job requires me to use Windoze--but I use as much opensource software as I can. Web browser is Firefox, etc...

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I know if it weren't Windows 8, it would be some other advertisement--I get it. But I wonder if the advertising execs ever realize that there are a few of us that have a negative reaction to overexposure.

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I swear I will never purchase a product that feels the need to put up the same ad twice every frickin commercial break.

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It's not perfect, but that's about as well presented an apology as I would hope for. Hope they have a future in the sport.

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Very funny! This film footage has gotten lots of mileage with editors. My favorite is the one that involved the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley field. Look it up on YT. Hitler was apparently not a Cubs fan...

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My other hobby is electric guitars. Fender's custom shop has made a lot of money producing new guitars that look old and abused for the posers who want to look like Stevie Ray Vaughn. It's all about image, although the "stressed" guitars perform just ... more »

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Love this! Kudos to the kid! Also like the modern number plate on the front of the old bike

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Very nice video and nice riding considering the long absence. The most congested pits I've ever seen!

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The first picture is definitely the best view. I've been toying with the idea of putting a smaller sport bike engine in a mx frame just to roll around the track in the vet class. This bike actually looks dangerous to ride.

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We installed a Wiseco crank kit in my boy's YZ85 that had probably 15 hours on it when the connecting rod snapped in half and destroyed everything below the cylinder. There was no bearing failure whatsoever--the rod just snapped in half. That is nothing ... more »

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I don't use all of my CR500 conversions' hp--but I'm a lot faster on it around any of our local tracks than I am on my son's CR125 (although a novice rider doesn't have any business calling his riding "fast.") I used to have a CR250R and was about the ... more »

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I used a kit from Paul Stoffers that had the new cradle, motor mounts, coil mount and radiator mod pieces. I ended up not using the radiator pieces and did my own radiator mods. Paul is on both the cr500 forums and easy to find. I did some welding, grinding ... more »

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I'm riding a home built '05 CRF250R conversion to 500 engine that I recently finished. All welding was subbed out to my local pro-aluminum welder. I replaced the frame rails with a kit I purchased that was heavier duty material than what I cut out. No ... more »

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I think he must have hit "eject" when he saw he was going to land in the road. Smart move...

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The pass RV made on Millsaps reminded me of a snake striking--I just shook my head when it happened.