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I ride a CR500 engine in an '05CRF250R chassis and race in the vet classes usually in the back half of the pack--might do better if I could get in more than 2 events per year. The bike is not the killer some people think. It does out pull everything ... more »

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My first race ever at 47 years old. Looks like I'm holeshotting a pack of 450's on my old '97 CR250R, but I couldn't see they had been called back when they discovered a pw50 still on the track from the previous moto. Oneal Bottoms MX Park, ... more »
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Heavy Metal Raceway at Vilonia AR, 3 days after an F4 tornado destroyed 328 homes in the town. We had to drive through the town to get to the track and saw the recovery efforts---total devastation. Parking lots look like cars had been rolled in a giant

... more »
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I'd like to find the builder who "balanced and blueprinted" the head and cylinder so he could give me a quote on doing my CR500. Afraid my cylinder might be out of balance...

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Hope springs eternal...

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Thanks for posting--I had a stupid grin on my face during the entire video. DD is pretty intense!

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I'd suggest drag boat racing is the most dangerous motorsport in the world. Most participating drivers think it is.

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He was noticeably limping at St. Louis before the first timed practice. He's definitely got some kind of issue.

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9:13 is my favorite.

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The special effects are irritating. Guess I'm old and crusty...

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I was at St Louis, and the folks who say the angry leprechaun didn't fight back are full of it. He tried to stay with Bubba and couldn't, then slowed down a little on the last 2 or 3 laps when that became clear. It was obvious from my perspective that ... more »

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Our family of 4 attended the St Louis supercross this year for the first time. Thought someone might appreciate the perspectives of a first timer. 1. Was it worth it? Yes! We had the worst seats in the house behind the starting gates, but it still beat ... more »

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Barcia looks like he gets his MX strategy from playing the old MX vs ATV Unleashed video game.

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I appreciate Yamaha for trying something radical, and it may end up being the future of mx bikes. But I agree that the ONLY reason I won't have one is because of how stupid the backward engine looks. It's all in the eye of the beholder though...

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I was in the emergency room in 2009 with a broken ankle, broken humerous and dislocated shoulder, getting morphine shots on a regular basis. My extended family came in and someone said, "Well I guess you finally learned your lesson and should be ready ... more »

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I'm building a new CR500 engine for my '05 conversion and have toyed with the idea of leaving 5th gear out. I've raced the bike with 15/49 gearing and could get away with leaving 4th gear out also with those cogs. I haven't ridden anywhere except on ... more »

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I rode dirt bikes from the time I was 5 until I graduated high school, and always wanted to race. But my parents weren't cool enough to buy me the '76 CR125 I wanted, and talked me into spending my own money on a TL125 instead. But they wouldn't even

... more »
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The guy had heart. But every time he went around the left hand corner with the water hole on the inside, I kept saying "Take the outside! Take the outside!"

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That couldn't have been worth it... Expensive lesson learned there.

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I would be all over that...